Model 900 Robotic, Mobile, Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Ear-Flap are a highly regarded Spanish manufacturer of end-of-line equipment such as carton formers, taping machines and pallet wrappers. Their new, self propelled Robotic Stretch Wrapper – the Model 900, is an innovative option for wrapping pallets in factory operations where a fixed wrapper is not suitable.  Click on the Heading to learn more.

Model 900 – Robotic, Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper

The Model 900 is a portable, robotic semi-automatic pallet wrapper (stretch wrapper) from Spanish manufacturer Ear-Flap that will wrap up to 2.4m in standard guise. The Model 900 comes standard with 4 pallet wrap programmes and PLC control.

See the Model 900 Robotic, Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper in action!