Lay Down Conveyors

Lay Down Conveyors

Lay Down Conveyors

Lay down conveyors are commonly used in bottling plants to assist in bottle sterilisation. Lay down conveyors are generally used on hot-fill production lines or on a line that has a sterilisation process to sterilise the lid of the bottle. Lay down conveyors progressively and gently tilt the bottles from the vertical to the horizontal and then back to the vertical plane to allow for the relevant sterilisation process to occur and are suitable for PET, HDPE and Glass Bottles or Jars.

Lay down conveyors are manufactured using a slat chain and therefore seamlessly integrate with your new or existing slat chain conveyors on the infeed and outfeed of the lay down.

Watch our video of a Lay Down Conveyor at a food production plant in the Video Tab

Custom Designed and Manufactured

Australis Engineering will design and manufacture a lay down conveyor that is fully customised to your application, including for your nominated bottle sizes and can integrate the lay down conveyor with new or existing equipment. Our conveying expertise will allow us to achieve a conveyor system that is functional and reliable to ensure minimal production downtime and also to minimise installation and commissioning times to ensure you are up and running in the shortest time possible.

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The following video demonstrates our Lay Down conveyor for large bottles:



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