Air Conveyors

Air Conveyors

Air Conveyor - PET bottlesAir Conveyor - PET bottles
Air Conveyor SystemAir Conveyor System
Air Conveyors - wall mountedAir Conveyors - wall mounted
Air ConveyorAir Conveyor

Air Conveyors – High Speed Conveyors for PET bottles

Air Conveyors or Air Flow Conveyors are ideal for conveying plastic/ PET bottles or containers quickly and efficiently in high speed environments. Air conveyors are regularly used in the beverage industry. Australis Engineering are the only Australian owned company who designs and manufactures their own Air Conveyors and we have built up an impressive Client list of domestic and international installations. We have a strong reputation for quality and reliability. Our Air Flow Conveyors have been installed at all major soft-drink manufacturers in Australia and our systems have even been successfully exported across the Asia-Pacific region.

Looking for a great ROI?

Is value for money and achieving a healthy return on investment important to you? A major cola manufacturer had our Air Conveyors installed and continuously operating for over 10 years in a continuous shift operation. These conveyors were in such good condition that at decommissioning they were sold to another producer where they are still successfully operating! What return on investment could you achieve?

Air Conveyor – Series II

The Series II is the flagship Air Conveyor featuring unique EZY-Change Guide Rails for entire line adjustment from a single remote point.

The benefit of the Series II air conveyor is decreased downtime and change-over times that are superior to any manual system, with entire line changes in under 3 minutes!

The cost savings in downtime and added line efficiency will very quickly pay for the capital expenditure on the air conveyor system and give a favourable return on investment. With the added benefit of remote change-over, high level air conveyors no longer poses a serious OHS threat to operators.

Other features of the Series II air conveyor include full stainless steel plenum, hinged inspection covers in every module, dual stainless steel guide rails, stainless steel neck guides, fully height adjustable infeed and out feed modules, high grade fans with HEPA filters, electrical control panel or fully integrated PLC control.

Air Conveyor Basic – an economical solution

For simple operations, the Air Conveyor Basic (ACB) air conveyor will suit most air conveyor needs. If lower cost and simplicity is required, the ACB air conveyors are the economical solution for simpler bottle conveying lines.

The ACB is most suited to lines at ground level where access to the air conveyor is easiest and high level changeovers are avoided. By reducing the number of overall parts, the cost-saving benefits of the ACB make it a popular choice for smaller operations or cost effective line expansions.

Featuring stainless steel or painted mild steel plenum, fixed or manually adjustable single stainless steel guide rails, stainless steel neck guides and fixed positions infeed and out feed the ACB air conveyor suits applications where only minimal bottle size change-overs are required.

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Coca-Cola – Northmead line upgrade

The following video is at a major food and beverage manufacturing plant in rural Victoria and demonstrates the high speed conveying that is

achievable with an air conveyor system. Air conveyors can even be wall or ceiling mounted to save valuable floorspace!

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