About Us

What we do

Australis Engineering are a multi-faceted machinery manufacturer. We use smart thinking and our decades of experience to manufacture, conveyors, palletisers, pallet handling equipment, materials handling equipment and robotic solutions. We have a strong engineering design focus and apply mechanical and industrial automation expertise across a range of industries results in smart thinking and innovation. Smart thinking is delivered by our in-house engineering and trade experts meaning customers have direct access to the designers and technicians who are delivering your solution – nothing is lost in translation and you do not have to outsource capabilities to multiple providers.

Our customers choose Australis for our expertise in conveying, pallet handling, robotics and automation. Smart thinking drives this expertise to deliver innovative engineering designs that solve specific client challenges such as deploying new products, improving productivity, improving safety, increasing efficiency or reducing production costs.

  • We offer in-house mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation capabilities.
  • We design, manufacture, install, commission and service. Highly experienced in system integration and turnkey projects, including integration of existing equipment or equipment from other vendors.
  • We excel at designing and manufacturing innovative, fully tailored, customised materials handling equipment.
  • We have demonstrated expertise in a wide range of industries including fresh food packaged food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, health, packaging, warehousing, industrial, hazardous substances, coins and general manufacturing.
  • With experience across a diverse range of industry sectors and equipment, we deliver customer solutions that ensure a great return on investment.
  • Certified to ISO9001:2015 quality management system

Our History and Ethos

Australis Engineering is a family owned, award winning materials handling equipment manufacturer. Established in 1983, Australis has since grown to be a leading supplier to manufacturing companies in Australian and international markets.

From the very beginning our focus has been on producing the highest quality equipment at a price that provides value for money to our customers. It is our firm belief that high quality always ends up costing our customers less in the end, be it through a solution that improves productivity or safety, reduced servicing or maintenance or combination of many factors that result in a strong Return on Investment (ROI). As a testament to the success this philosophy has on our business.

To further highlight our commitment to quality and customer service, Australis has been independently certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System since 2007.

We truly believe in the philosophy that high quality, well designed equipment and materials handling systems will provide a much better ROI than cheaper, inferior products. As our great-grandfather used to say:

I am not rich enough to waste money on cheap things…

Its a motto we live by, and it helps us drive manufacturing efficiencies with our customers and pushes us in helping them to achieve outstanding Returns on Investment for their materials handling equipment solutions.

Milestone projects in our history

Australis has a strong focus on engineering design to achieve customised results for our customers. A key part of our business strategy is to retain a large team of Mechanical and Automation engineers on staff. Coupled with our highly experienced team of qualified metal fabrication tradespeople, Australis are capable of delivering on major turnkey projects both domestically and internationally. However we are more than just project engineers. We are small enough that we can also deliver on one-off pieces of highly bespoke, special purpose equipment that can be customised or designed from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of a customer.

Significant achievements in our project and product development history include:

The above are only a small sample of capabilities, projects and products that we have successfully handled within our manufacturing history.

You can be confident in the knowledge that our experience in completing difficult projects will ensure a successful outcome for your own special needs.

Proudly Supporting Australian Manufacturing

Australis firmly believes in the inherent strength of the Australian manufacturing industry. We are manufacturers ourselves and have been supporting other Australian manufacturers since our inception in 1983.  To demonstrate our commitment we are members of the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA).

Australis are also founding members of the Southern Strength Agile Manufacturing Network which is a cluster group of innovative manufacturers based south of the Parramatta River in Sydney. Our Managing Director has also been a voluntary Board Member since Southern Strength’s commencement in 2012.


Active members of the Business Community

To ensure that Australis is always up to date with the latest industry, commercial, HR and health and safety information, we maintain membership of the Australian Industry Group.

Why is this important? We believe that by maintaining industry representation that we offer less risk to our Clients. How? We are constantly up to date with the latest industry movements, legislative and regulatory changes, Modern Award requirements, health and safety requirements, industry best standards, training and continuous improvement opportunities and general business advice. This mindset ensures that by engaging Australis Engineering you can be confident that our systems and processes meet or exceed industry standards which means less risk for your project delivery and business outcomes.

Industry Innovation and Professional Growth

To ensure that Australis are leading the innovation push with professional growth and development of our engineering team, we have become proud members of the European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG). Why a European group? EHEDG are recognised around the world as leaders in the development and assessment of hygienic design parameters for industrial equipment; they have members globally. Australis have been members of EHEDG since 2017.

This association allows us to innovate the design of our food, beverage, health and pharmaceuticals equipment to ensure that our designs are easy to clean and easy to maintain to hygienic standards.  A great example of this innovation is our development of a truly clean-design conveyor – Hygenius™.

Additionally, Australis are members of the Australian, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC), which fosters the transformation of the Australian manufacturing industry to be more globally competitive and to generate demand for Australian manufacturing jobs. Put simply, the AMGC’s purpose is to drive innovation, productivity and competitiveness across Australia’s manufacturing industry – a goal that Australis passionately supports and pro-actively advocates.

AMGC promotes the collaboration of business and research institutes to foster innovation. See our first project collaboration with the AMGC