TM Palletizer Operator

TM Palletizing Operator

ALL NEW Cobot Palletiser

TM Palletizing Operator™ is an all-in-one solution exclusively designed for palletising automation. Techman palletising package includes built-in software that assists users to set up their palletising specifications quickly and can also carry out palletising simulations and collision tests beforehand. These benefits shorten the duration of palletising deployment from the usual six months to only just hours! This solution can be applied to many industries such as warehousing, logistics, food processing and manufacturing.

A highly reliable Robot Palletising Solution applicable to a Diverse Range of Industries

  •  17 certified PL=d cell level safety functions
  •  Palletising speed of up to 7 boxes per minute (on a single pick, multiple picks will increase cycle times)
  •  Adjustable pillar with a maximum reach of 1200mm and a corresponded maximum stack height of 2325mm*
  • TMstudio Palletizing Wizard™ – Simple palletising set up with simulation and collision detection

*Techman Robot offers 3 pillar strokes with different max. stack height, please see the specs sheet for more info.

Either of the TM20 or TM25S (shown) collaborative robots are capable of palletising on a standard Australian Pallet (1165x1165mm)

NEW cobot – TM25S

Available from November 2023, TM25S is a heavy payload cobot in the AI Cobot S-series from world leading cobot manufacturer, Techman Robot. The TM25S is the first dedicated cobot with the capability to palletise without complicated secondary mechanisms onto an Australian 1165mm x 1165mm pallet. Whether its utilising TM’s Palletizer Operator system or a more customised solution, with it’s 25kg payload and 1900mm reach, the TM25S will be a game changer for cobot palletising in the Australian market.

A cobot to suit your palletising needs

Techman offer a range of cobots that are all potentially suitable for palletising applications. Each robot offers a different mix of Payload (kg) and Reach (mm) capabilities. Choosing the right cobot for your palletising application is dependent on a range of factors, including:

  • The pallet size. Most Australian, standard pallets are 1165mm x 1165mm. To effectively palletise on these pallets requires a cobot with sufficient reach to be able to place products at the furthest corner of the pallet. With its 1900mm reach, the TM25S Cobot is ideal for this application, however the TM12 and TM20 may also be suitable in some circumstances, especially if you are palletising to a smaller “export” or “Euro” style pallet.
  • Product weight. The weight of your carton, bag or other product is critical to the selection of the correct cobot for your palletising operations. The TM25S offers the most flexibility with its 25kg payload allowing for a wide range of product weights. For lighter products, the TM12 may be suitable, especially if using a smaller sized pallet.
  • Speed. The rate at which you need to palletise (to match your production throughput) can dictate the type of robot required. Its worth keeping in mind that cobots are generally slower than a regular, “industrial” robot. Cobot palletisers are therefore ideal for production lines with low to mid outputs. Additionally, the use of a higher payload cobot may be able to increase palletising rates as the higher payload can allow multiple products to be picked simultaneously.
  • Product diversity. Many businesses have a large range of products to palletise, each of which may be a different dimension and/or weight. In some situations, these different product types may arrive at the palletiser in batches, meaning the capability to palletise to 2 or more pallet positions could be important. In both scenarios, choosing a cobot that can adapt to a range of products or to accommodate multiple pallet positions may need to be a consideration.

Additional Techman Robot cobots that may be suitable for palletising applications:

  • TM20 – 20kg payload and 1300mm reach
  • TM12 – 12kg payload and 1300mm reach

Application-Based Solution

As there is a growing demand for more efficient palletising robot applications, TM Palletizing Operator is designed to stack cartons and products onto two palletising stations. Users can use our smart software to design their own palletizing project within one minute.

TM Palletizing Operator Kit Features

The hardware design of an off-the-shelf solution isn’t always compatible with your factory’s spacing layout, and a customization request for a solution will not only take cost more, but also takes more time to implement.

Have you ever run into these problems when searching for an automatic palletizing solution?

With TM Palletizing Operator Kit, you can design your own hardware layout with TM Robot, then use the kit to create and edit palletizing tasks that will work perfectly with your customized hardware. And there you have it, a customized palletizing solution of your own!

Techman Robot offers TM Palletizing Operator Kit for you to Build a Flexible Solution that Meets your Needs!

You can Design the Hardware Layout of your Palletizing Cells based on Any Demands and Know-How.

*Above pictures are for reference layout display only

Software Features

TMstudio Palletizing Wizard

Provide an Optimal Solution for Palletizing

  • Customizable box, pallet size.
  • Generate point file offline.
  • Custom box arrangement and sequence.
  • Palletizing simulation and collision detection.

Software Packages For TMflow

Main Function

  • Calibration of pillar. (fig. A)
  • Main function based on file generated from TMstudio Palletizing Wizard, and settings for the cell. (fig. B)

Flexibility for Functional Expansion by User

  • Using a customized gripper.
  • Adding more vision functions like barcode reading.
  • Adding downward sensor detection before releasing the box.
  • Slip sheet application programming.


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TM Palletizer Operator:

Here is a short video of the original TM Palletizer Operator featuring a TM12 cobot. (Note, use of a TM20 robot will increase the capabilities for payload and pallet dimensions)

TM Ai-Palletizer Operator:

Here is a short video of the TM Palletizer Operator using its onboard Ai.


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