U150 AGV

U150 Automated Guided Vehicle

Ukart – U150 AGV by Passion Mobility

A smart AGV platform with tracking functions for people and goods

The U150 AGV is an an entry level Automated Guided Vehicle with a smart “Follow and Go” system that will track behind a person while conducting a task and then return back to a predefined location once released by the operator from that task (eg U150 will follow the operator around the warehouse, then return to the packing station with its load).

The U150 Ukart AGV is ideal for warehouse and dispatch centres where operators are picking multiple items for order fulfillment or warehouse management operations.


  • Powerful utility cart for multi-purpose
  • Operating modes : Remote control, Follow, March mode
  • Compact size and high mobility
  • Module for co-development


  • Dimensions : L 90 x W 60 x H 100 cm
  • Weight : 30 kg (without battery)
  • Motor : Dual BLDC motors total 500 watts
  • Maximum Loading : 150 kg
  • Battery : Li-ion 36V 6.6AH
  • Maximum slope : 6 degrees (150 kg load)
  • Obstacle avoidance (optional)


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U150 Datasheet

Click HERE or on the image to see the U150 datasheet


The following videos are courtesy of Passion Mobility.



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