TM14 Cobot

TM14 Cobot

TM14 Collaborative Robot

Greater Payload Capability With Increased Reach

The TM14 cobot by Techman Robot offers class leading payload and reach capabilities. The TM14 offers 14kg payload and a 1400mm reach. Like the TM5 and TM12 the new increased specification robots are easy to deploy, are highly flexible, are maintenance free and provide a high performance automation solution for manufacturing.


Light Product Palletising, Food and Beverage, MedTech, Automotive, Panel handling, CNC, Semi-conductors and more


TM14 – 14kg payload and 1100mm reach

Vision System

Techman Robots are fitted with a vision system that has quickly challenged the stereotype of a traditional industrial robot. This built-in intelligent vision system utilises a 5MP camera and is a huge technological breakthrough for TM Robot, producing the perfect integration of the vision system with the collaborative robot hardware and software. You no longer have to face complicated visual components like before, nor waste the time spent in researching an unfamiliar robotic field. Now, all you need is a TM Robot, which can do everything for you.

The TM Robot vision system has received recognition from many robot vision manufacturers. The functions it provides include shape matching, totem pairing, object position, image enhancement mode, bar code and QR code identification; colour recognition and OCR which are all easily configured from the integral robot design toolbox.. These diversified functions have all been integrated in the control system of the TM Flow Robot. Only by setting the steps, you can design the robot’s tasks.

Complete visual pick & place teaching in 5 minutes.

In combination with TM Robot manual teaching and the built-in intelligent vision system, you can complete pick & place teaching in only 5 minutes. You don’t even need to have an extensive programming background to successfully programme at TM14 cobot.

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TM Series Brochure

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The following videos are courtesy of Techman Robot:

TM Series cobot

TM12 simPAL Palletiser – TM14 can also be utilised if a smaller (Euro style) pallet is utilised. For Chep style Australian pallets (1165mmx1165mm), we recommend the TM25S cobot for palletising applications.

Techman Robot – Introductory video

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