Chocolate Melting Tanks

Chocolate Melting Tanks

Chocolate - H500 Melting TankChocolate - H500 Melting Tank

Chocolate Melting Tanks

Australis Engineering are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agents for Danish company, ChocoMa.

Based in Copenhagen Denmark, ChocoMa has more than 55 years experience of making flexible, reliable and efficient chocolate processing equipment.

H500 Melting Machine

Chocolate melting and storage machine with a capacity of 500kg of chocolate. The H500 comes with a water jacket and a strong stirrer ensures the chocolate will melt quickly. The stirrer is designed to prevent blocking and the motor is designed to avoid overloading. The chocolate’s melting temperature is controlled by a digital thermostat and a safety thermostat protects the chocolate against overheating.

Prices for the model H500 Melting Tank start from AUD$24,200 (plus options/ accessories and GST). All prices are ex-Works Denmark.

H500 P Melting Machine

The same machine as H500 but including a chocolate pump for transfer of chocolate into other machines. The pump with gear and motor is fitted underneath the machine. The chocolate tube is electrically heated, thermostat controlled and insulated. An option for an automatic fill stop is available.

Prices for the model H500P Melting Tank start from AUD$33,300 (plus options/ accessories and GST). All prices are ex-Works Denmark.

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