A depalletiser takes bulk items that are stacked on a pallet, such as cans, jars, drums, bags and bottles and places them onto an accumulation area before generally, feeding the product into a single filing conveyor system which then most commonly feeds into a filling machine or sometimes a repackaging machine.

Depalletisers are generally available in two types:

  1. Robotic Depalletiser
  2. Mechanical Depalletiser

Australis Engineering have successfully delivered both robotic and mechanical depalletising systems for cans, bottles, jars, bags and drums. Our depalletising solutions are custom designed to suit the products, floor space, throughput speed and to integrate with existing equipment. We can offer semi-automated or fully automated solutions.

Integrated Conveyor and Palletising Systems

Importantly, as materials handling experts, Australis brings its extensive conveyor expertise to all robotic depalletiser and palletiser systems. Our customers trust Australis to solve the complexities of synchronising the bulk product pick-up off the incoming pallet, product accumulation, single filing, lay-down, elevating or lowerating, cartoning and general conveying whilst also providing and the removal of the empty pallet. Australis can even design a system that will palletise the packaged product ready for dispatch. Our expertise is key to ensuring your depalletising project achieves its maximum return on investment and is installed, commissioned and operational with the minimum disruption to your operations.

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Find out more about our Robotic Palletising solutions by reading the following Case Studies:

Cement Australia, Townsville – Robotic bag palletiser system with in feed and out feed conveyors

Coming soon …. Robotic Depalletiser for varying sized canned goods.


Bag Palletiser: Watch the video of our Robotic Bag Palletiser palletising 20kg bags of cement:

Carton Palletiser:  Due to Client confidentiality, we can only offer you a short video of a robotic palletiser in early stages of factory testing:

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