Automatic Guide Rails

Automatic Guide Rails

Automatic Conveyor Guide RailsAutomatic Conveyor Guide Rails
Fully automated, adjustable guide rails for conveyorsFully automated, adjustable guide rails for conveyors
Automatic guide rails for conveyorsAutomatic guide rails for conveyors

Why use an Automatic Guide Rail System?

Since manufacturing our first conveyors in 1983, Australis have seen, used and designed hundred’s if not thousand’s of Guide Rail systems. The biggest problem with conventional Guide Rail systems is they are extremely slow to adjust. Most conventional Guide Rail systems are manual and many have multiple change-parts, meaning on long conveyor lines, the change-over time can be huge and in some cases, guide rail adjustments are limited to the number of change parts available (meaning future product changes are not easy to implement). If you have a conveyor line that is elevated, wall mounted or roof mounted then the change-over time can be a significant contributor to lost production, increased labour costs, reduced manufacturing efficiency and lost profits. Based on our extensive conveyor and line control experience, Australis has developed a new and improved Guide Rail system – the Ezy-Change™ Automatic Guide Rail System.

…the change over occurs automatically and within seconds

New Patented design

The newest development in the Ezy-Change™ Guide Rails is a patented, fully automated, self-adjusting guide rail system! The Ezy-Change™ Automatic Guide Rails are:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Adjust to virtually any product size (within the max. and min. widths)
  • Have a single point of adjustment
  • Offer PLC or Push-button control

Adjust a whole conveyor line in just seconds!

Ezy-Change™ Automatic Guide Rails are easily retro-fitted to virtually any conveyor system to achieve fully automated guide rail width adjustment for product change-overs and over long lengths of conveyor. Adjustments can be made in just seconds and will save you considerable time, reduce your labour costs for initiating change-overs and most importantly a reduction in change-over time will increase your rate of production, with more units per hour being produced on the line.

Within the Minimum and Maximum widths, the Ezy-Change Automatic Guide Rails can be adjusted in small, minute increments to achieve precise guide rail positioning to suit multiple product diameters – and the change occurs automatically and within seconds. The system can be controlled by either a PLC or via a manual push-button for in/out positions. If choosing a PLC, the control can be linked to product selection on other processing equipment such as a filler or a packer for even greater automation of the production line.

Benefits of the Ezy-Change™ Guide Rail System

  • Easily retro-fitted to most existing conveyor systems including air, slat or belt conveyors
  • Infinite adjustments within the minimum and maximum widths
  • Electronic or PLC integration as required
  • No change parts and no manual adjustment of each guide bracket
  • Reduce OHS risk by eliminating high level guide rail adjustment
  • Suitable for Australis designed Air Conveyors and LowPro Conveyors or virtually any standard conveyor systems
  • Other versions are available for the budget conscious user
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The latest Automatic Ezy-Change Guide Rails are  brand new and debuted at the 2015 Auspack exhibition. Come back soon to read about a case study.

The following video demonstrates the Patented, Automatic Ezy-Change Guide Rail system on a demonstration conveyor at the Auspack 2015 tradeshow. The video shows you how easy it is to adjust the guide rails to suit multiple product types.

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