Chocolate Enrobers

Chocolate Enrobers

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Chocolate Enrobing Machines

Australis Engineering are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agents for Danish company, ChocoMa.

Based in Copenhagen Denmark, ChocoMa has more than 55 years experience of making flexible, reliable and efficient chocolate processing equipment. The mission of ChocoMa is, as expressed by the founder of ChocoMa, Mr. Ibsen senior; “to enable our clients to bring chocolate experience to their customers”. Our loyalty to our mission explains why thousand of our machines are in operation in Europe, North- and South America, the Middle East and the Pacific region, including Australia. ChocoMa offers a complete range of machines for craftsmen and semi-industrial producers of chocolate praline, confectionery and bakery products.

Chocolate enrobers are used in the confectionery industry to coat a food item with a coating medium, typically chocolate. Foods that are coated by enrobers include chocolates and flavoured centre’s, truffles, nuts, ice cream, toffee, biscuits, cakes, pastries and fruit. Enrobing is essentially a mechanised alternative to hand-dipping. ChocoMa offer a range of Chocolate Enrobers ranging from smaller units for artisanal production, up to larger, semi-industrialised models.

The ChocoMa chocolate enrobers are targeted at commercial users from small and artisanal chocolatiers to medium sized manufacturers.

E220 Multi-Function Chocolate Enrobers

E220 – the new multi functional enrober and moulding machine

  • Top coating, bottom coating or complete enrobing
  • Seed (Callet / Block) Tempering within the machine
  • Double chocolate curtains and variable speed control
  • Variable air pressure and direction control on blower
  • Construction in stainless steel and food approved materials
  • Supplied with a 1 meter paper take-off table as standard

Prices for the base model E220A Chocolate Enrober start from AUD$21,750 (plus options/ accessories and GST). All prices are ex-Works Denmark.


  • Melting cabinet or table
  • Mould filling module
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Longer paper take-off table

The E220 enables the chocolatier to enrobe or bottom coat pralines, bars, biscuits, cakes and pastries. In addition the E220 provides solid or shell moulding of standard praline moulds, hollow figures, etc. Furthermore callet (button) tempering is easily achieved in the generous 20 litre chocolate vessel. In short: E220 is the “3 in 1” chocolate solution center for the creative, quality focused chocolatier requiring versatile small to moderate production to a professional standard.

User friendly and hygienic

The E220 is made of stainless steel and designed for easy cleaning. The entire enrobing section can be taken off the machine for cleaning.

2MP Series of Chocolate Enrobers

The 2MP Series of Chocolate Enrobers offers a range of belt width’s and sufficient capacity to cater for the mid-sized manufacturer, right up to a semi-industrial factory. Even though it is high capacity equipment, the 2MP Series retains its flexibility and can rapidly be changed to enrobe other kinds of chocolate and the entire process can be viewed via a hygienic  transparent guard. The 2MP Series is designed to be easy to use and maintain whilst still achieving professional results. With options for a water jacket and additional chocolate holding tanks to permit the changeover between dark, milk or white chocolate, the 2MP Series are versatile and easy to use enrober.

Available models:

  • 2MP24 – 24cm belt width
  • 2MP32 – 32cm belt width
  • 2MP40 – 40cm belt width
  • 2MP60 – 60cm belt width

All 2MP Enrobers are capable of achieving variable belt speed between 0.45 – 1.75 metres per minute

Prices for the base model 2MP24 Chocolate Enrober start from AUD$40,900 (plus options/ accessories and GST).  All prices are ex-Works Denmark.

2MP Ice Enrober

Need to enrobe ice-cream or other frozen products? ChocoMa have developed a purpose built 2MP series of enrober to suit this application. The 2MP Ice Enrober’s chocolate tank is water jacketed with a water circulation feature. The main grill belt is made of stainless steel and is specially modified for frozen products such as ice-cream. Belt speed is between 1.5 and 3 metres per minute. Available in 24, 32 or 40 cm width belt.

The 2MP Ice Enrober’s are a special order item and are purpose built for each customer. Longer lead times should be expected for these highly customised machines.

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The following video is by a European user of ChocoMa equipment – please note the video is in German but clearly shows the chocolate enrobing process including the use of a ChocoMa 2MP Enrober.


The 2MP is equally at home enrobing Biscuits and other pastries. Watch the video of a 2MP in action enrobing biscuits:


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