simPAL Mini Cobot Palletiser

simPAL Mini Cobot Palletiser

The genius of simPAL®

Cobot Palletiser

The simPAL® Mini is a Cobot Palletiser that combines smart software and smart hardware to allow for a highly flexible, collaborative robot palletising solution. The simPAL Mini cobot palletiser features the TM12 collaborative robot by Techman Robot. Utilising a collaborative robot on the simPAL Mini Palletiser means we use minimal floor space  – just 270mm wider than the pallet.

Palletise on an Australian Pallet

The simPAL Mini cobot palletiser with a TM12 collaborative robot is capable of palletising a standard 1165mm Australian pallet. The TM12 gives the simPAL Mini Cobot Palletiser up to 12kg of payload capacity and 1300mm of reach.

Palletise on a standard Australian Pallet (1165mm) such as a Chep or Loscam pallet

For larger payloads, simPAL Mini can also be configured with a TM14 cobot allowing 14kg of payload and 1100mm reach (suitable for smaller pallets such as an export or Euro pallet).

Cobot Palletiser with integrated vision system

By using a TM Robot collaborative robot, the simPAL Mini cobot palletiser includes advanced vision-based QA  which utilises the fully integrated 5MP camera on the TM Robot. simPAL Mini  is available with either a single or a double pallet configuration. To ensure operator safety, TM Robot’s collaborative robots have inbuilt safety features meaning the operate without the need for guards. This is both an important cost and space saving benefit and enables the simPAL Mini to be deployed in the smallest footprint possible.

simPAL Mini comes standard with a vacuum gripping pad which is suitable to a range of carton sizes and weights. Palletising rates of up to 8 cycles per minute∗ can be achieved for cartons/ boxes making this small footprint system the ideal replacement to manual palletising. ∗Note: Throughput and the gripper design are dependent on the product size and weight; carton or package dimensions; pallet pattern; the number of pallet layers required (finished pallet height) and product infeed speed and orientation. These variables will impact on palletising speeds. The actual palletising speeds (cycles/ minute) will be confirmed as part of our scoping process.

To ensure simPAL Mini comes ready to palletise, the system is provided with an integrated infeed conveyor which can integrate with your existing conveyors (or we can supply a whole conveying system), so the entire machine is delivered 100% ready-to-go so installation is expedited, reducing downtime and cost. simPAL Mini is all about flexibility, speed of installation and ease of use. A typical simPAL Mini system can be brought to site, connected quickly and easily and be running on the same day as delivery.

More than just a cobot – simPAL Software is the heart of the solution

The heart of any simPAL system is our software. Designed in-house and building on over a decade of palletising experience, our simPAL software allows for new products to be introduced without  needing to pay for expensive programming later on. simPAL Software provides long term future proofing benefits.

Without the need for complex programming, the user can easily generate new pallet patterns, enter new products and save new recipes. simPAL features an Automatic Pallet Generator that creates an optimised pattern or where there are multiple patterns available, allows the user to choose their preferred option. The user can also easily create their own custom pattern direct on the touch screen in a matter of moments. Coupled with the lead to teach capabilities of a Techman cobot and its own TM-Flow software, programming a simple pick and place with the simPAL Mini can be achieved in less than 5 minutes.

Need greater payload or speed?

simPAL Mini Cobot Palletiser is designed specifically for lighter weight products and modest palletising speeds. However if you require faster palletising speeds or your products exceed the payload of a cobot, we also offer our full simPAL robotic palletising system which uses an industrial grade multi-axis robot.


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The simPAL Mini Cobot Palletiser is brand new to the market, being launched at AUSPACK 2019. Watch this space for some future success stories …

Cobot palletiser video:

Here is a short video of the simPAL Mini, cobot palletiser in action at the AUSPACK2019 trade exhibition.


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