Drum Handling

Drum Handling

Special purpose drum handling equipmentSpecial purpose drum handling equipment

Special purpose drum handling equipmentSpecial purpose drum handling equipment
Special purpose drum handling equipmentSpecial purpose drum handling equipment
Chain ConveyorsChain Conveyors
Pallet TurntablePallet Turntable
Special purpose drum handling equipmentSpecial purpose drum handling equipment

Drum Handling Systems

Australis offer drum handling systems specially designed for heavy industrial use. The benefits of our system include easy to clean design, modular construction for easy line configuration and extension, as well as a range of peripheral units including 44 gallon drum palletising, drum decant units, pallet dispensing and stretch wrapping machines.

As part of our drum conveying solutions, we can design and build an automatic drum palletising system that is capable of picking and placing drums on standard pallets which can then be further processed or labelled. The drum palletiser features automatic pallet dispensing and is capable of holding up to 20 pallets in the pallet stacker.

Additional equipment includes drum wash down units featuring high or low pressure water jets, drum decanting for emptying drums automatically, pallet lifts for elevating full pallets for high level conveying, as well as custom designed handling for any unusual or unique problems.

Pallet conveyors can be supplied in 2 varieties – chain conveyors or roller conveyors. On the chain conveyors, depending on the pallet, the pallets run on 2 or 3 standard steel chains and are ideal for regular wood pallets which need to be conveyed in either slat orientation.

Roller conveyors feature heavy duty steel rollers and are ideal in a palletising situation or where an extremely heavy load.

Drum Decanting

Australis offer a range of automated decanting and tipping systems. Lifting up to 700kg drums, our automated systems making tipping of drums into hoppers, secondary conveyors or even drum to drum transfers simple, quick and without the need of operator intervention.

System can be custom designed to suit your application. Our systems can be based around a multi-axis robot or a linear drive system. The examples below show both robotic and linear systems.

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Drum Palletising

Automatic Drum Palletising allows for easy pick and placement of drums onto pallets. Our system can palletise up to 4 drums at a time and is combined with a pallet magazine/destacker to feed empty pallets to the line. Drums are simply conveyed into the system, arranged in sets of 4 which are then gripped and raised while the empty pallet is driven in under the drums. Automatic strapping and/or wrapping can also be included in the system.

Key Features:

  • Drum palletising of 1, 2 or 4 drums onto standard and non-standard pallets
  • Fully automatic Pick and Place
  • Pallet magazine and destacker with capacity for 15 pallets (can be expanded to hold more on request)
  • Roller or Chain conveyors to suit your pallet orientation
  • Integrated strapping of finished pallets
  • Integrated stretch wrapping including top sheet for weather proofing
  • Full CAT 4 safety system including fencing, safety interlocked doors and light curtains

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Find out more by reading the following Case Studies of our projects that feature our drum handling solutions:

Orica – Drum Handling System for HCB Hazardous Waste

Royal Australian Mint – Circulating Coin Manufacturing and Warehousing System

The following video show the Circulating Coin Manufacturing and Warehousing System at the Royal Australian Mint, including our drum handling systems for 44 gallon, 750kg drums of coin.

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