High Speed Palletisers

High Speed Palletisers

High speed palletiserHigh speed palletiser
High speed palletiser TouchscreenHigh speed palletiser Touchscreen
High speed palletiser - gripperHigh speed palletiser - gripper
High speed palletiser - infeedHigh speed palletiser - infeed

High Speed Linear Palletiser

The HSLP Series of High Speed Palletisers features fully automatic pallet in-feed, tray or tier pad placement and automatic pallet discharge. Australis also provides standard designs for PET bottle infeed applications including single file conveyors, slat conveyors, air conveyors and guide rail systems to automate the product in-feed process. Palletisers can be fully integrated with pallet conveyors, automatic stretch wrapping, strapping and/or labelling for a complete end of line palletising solution.

The HSLP series is a mechanical palletiser capable of palletising over 60 pallets per hour – that’s more than 500 pallets per 8 hour shift. What’s more, the HSLP’s are proven to be ultra reliable in operation with with minimal downtime and only basic maintenance necessary to achieve great results and they can cater for round, square or rectangular bottles.

Supermarkets are demanding palletised product for in-store sales

Want to know more on how a HSLP-60 was used by a major beverage manufacturer to palletise loose PET soft-drink bottles into pre-formed plastic pallet trays? The HSLP-60 even helped the client secure a major contract with a supermarket chain. They liked the HSLP so much, they have two in operation! Click on the Case Studies tab for more information.

With new methods of packaging being demanded by retailers, manufacturers have to stay up-to-date with these new methods, and with Australis Engineering as your partner, you can keep on top of the problem and increase your bottom line at the same time.

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Tru Blu Beverages – High Speed Linear Palletiser for PET bottles

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