Incline Conveyors

Incline Conveyors

Incline ConveyorIncline Conveyor
Incline ConveyorIncline Conveyor
Incline ConveyorIncline Conveyor
Incline ConveyorIncline Conveyor
Incline ConveyorIncline Conveyor

Incline Conveyors or Decline Conveyors

Incline Conveyors or Decline Conveyors are designed to move product gently between two different elevations. This might be to avoid an obstruction on the conveyor line (eg another conveyor, forklift passage or walkway) or to take product from a hopper or to another piece of equipment.

Incline conveyors are commonly manufactured using either a:

  • Modular Plastic Belt with flights attached
  • Cleated Fabric Belt (subject to  nature of the product, angle of travel and the speed of the throughput)
  • Gripper Elevator or Gripper Lowerator (these are especially useful for bottles, jars and cans)
  • If only a gentle incline or decline is necessary, then even a regular Fabric Belt (i.e with no cleats) might be suitable

Most Incline Conveyors are available in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium profile. Multiple belt types can be provided to suit your requirements including food grade or anti-microbial belts.

Gripper Elevators can also be configured with short, long or block-style grippers to suit full or empty vessels.

Products conveyed on an Incline or Decline Conveyor

Australis have designed and manufactured numerous incline conveyors and decline conveyors to suit a range of applications including:

  • carrying processed food
  • sticky foods
  • cartons
  • bottles, jars and cans – both full and empty
  • sachets/ packets
  • vacuum sealed bags
  • coins
  • plastic components
  • metal components
  • waste/ off-cut materials such as paper, plastic, timber or metal

We can design a decline conveyor or an incline conveyor to fit to existing equipment layout or as part of a whole new conveyor system.

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Colorpak – Conveyor system for cardboard packaging

Royal Australian Mint – circulating coin production and warehousing system

The following video demonstrates a small Gripper Elevator style incline conveyor during factory testing for 2L Milk Bottles:

The video below is a general video of Australis Engineering’s capabilities.

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