Pallet Conveyors

Pallet Conveyors

Chain Conveyor - PalletsChain Conveyor - Pallets
Pallet ConveyorsPallet Conveyors
Chain Conveyor Roller ConveyorChain Conveyor Roller Conveyor
Chain Conveyor Roller Conveyor - PalletsChain Conveyor Roller Conveyor - Pallets
Chain Conveyor - PalletsChain Conveyor - Pallets
Roller Conveyor - PalletsRoller Conveyor - Pallets

Pallet Conveyors – Roller, Chain or Slat

Australis Engineering provides a full range of Pallet Handling Conveyors and Specialised Modules including Pallet Stackers and Pallet Destackers to suit any of your warehousing, conveying or palletising requirements.

Our pallet handling equipment and pallet conveyors are available in Medium Duty and Heavy Duty model ranges to cater for variations in the weight of loaded pallets. Australis Engineering’s range of pallet handling equipment is designed to be flexible for ease of customisation and can be easily integrated into existing pallet handling systems or adapted for different standard pallet sizes, including the standard Chep pallets, Loscam pallets, Euro pallets or any other variation in between.

Our pallet conveyors are available in 3 types:

  1. Pallet Roller Conveyors
  2. Pallet Chain Conveyors
  3. Heavy Duty Slat Conveyors

We have standard designs for our pallet conveyors which means if you need a pallet conveyor in a hurry, we can generally fabricate them in a short turn around time (compared to fully customised conveyors). We can also provide a turnkey pallet handling system inclusive of the appropriate conveyor type/s to suit your application.

Customised Pallet Conveyors

Our standard pallet conveyors can be easily customised to suit ATEX (explosion risk) areas, cool rooms and for wash down (eg for pallet washing). Additionally, as our pallet conveyors are suited for heavy duty applications, we can generally customise a pallet conveyor to suit any medium to heavy duty conveying application. Some of our more recent examples include:

Roller Conveyors

Our pallet roller conveyors are powered with a sprocket drive for added reliability and longevity. They are extremely robust and are widely used for any pallet handling application including both full pallets and conveying empty pallets. Pallet roller conveyors can also be easily adapted to many other applications where you require the conveying of a large or heavy product.

Roller conveyor modules are modular and can be quickly and easily modified to suit the available space, your pallet type, product weight and line speed.

Available in Medium or Heavy duty variants and easily integrated with other pallet conveyor types and pallet handling applications.

Chain Conveyors

Pallet chain conveyors are ideal for both medium duty (dual-chain) and heavy duty (triple chain) applications. The modular design of our pallet chain conveyors is quickly and easily adapted to suit any application or to fit within a specific footprint.

Chain conveyors are especially useful in applications where your staff need to walk over or around the conveyor system as they can easily be fitted with infill plates to improve your workplace health and safety requirements and are generally less likely to cause an injury than a roller conveyor (due to the roller moving if stood upon).

Slat Conveyors

Heavy duty metal slat chain can be utilised for pallet conveyor applications. This is a more specialised application where calculating the total load on the chain and the drive is critically important. Our extensive experience with pallet handling projects means we can recommend and then design the right pallet slat conveyor system to suit your application.

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