Roller Pallet Conveyors

Roller Pallet Conveyors

Roller Pallet ConveyorsRoller Pallet Conveyors
Pallet ConveyorsPallet Conveyors
Pallet ConveyorsPallet Conveyors
Roller Pallet ConveyorsRoller Pallet Conveyors
Roller Pallet ConveyorsRoller Pallet Conveyors
Coin Handling - Drum HandlingCoin Handling - Drum Handling
Roller Pallet ConveyorsRoller Pallet Conveyors

Roller Pallet Conveyors

Australis Engineering provides a full range of  Roller Pallet Conveyors. We also manufacture Specialised Pallet Handling Equipment including Pallet Stackers and Pallet Destackers, Pallet Transfers, Pallet Turntables and Palletisers to suit any of your warehousing, conveying or palletising requirements.

Our pallet handling equipment is available in Medium Duty and Heavy Duty model ranges to cater for variations in the weight of loaded pallets. Australis Engineering’s range of pallet handling equipment is designed to be flexible for ease of customisation and can be easily integrated into existing pallet handling systems or adapted for different standard pallet sizes.

We can provide a whole pallet handling system inclusive of the appropriate conveyor type to suit your application.

Powered Roller Conveyors

Roller Pallet Conveyors are ideal for situations where you are conveying multiple sized pallet widths as the rollers can easily support any size pallet (compared to chains where the pallet base boards must rest on the chains and so have a ‘fixed’ width). Our roller conveyors are powered with a sprocket drive for added reliability and longevity. They are extremely robust and are widely used for any pallet handling application including both full pallets and conveying empty pallets.

Pallet roller conveyors can also be easily adapted to many other applications where you require the conveying of a large or heavy product. Pallet Roller Conveyors also permit multiple drive sections and so can be easily zoned to achieve accumulation or improved line control of the system.

Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Roller Pallet Conveyors

Our roller conveyor design is modular and can be quickly and easily adapted to suit your available space, your pallet type, product weight and line speed. The adaptable body design allows multiple drive position configurations to best suit specific applications. We offer a range of options including:

  • Standard modules are available in Medium or Heavy duty variants and easily integrated with other pallet conveyor types and pallet handling applications
  • Available with aluminium profile or steel legs
  • Integrated rails (high side guides optional)
  • Option for reduced height where space is an issue
  • Accommodates multiple pallet widths on the same conveying line
  • ATEX (explosion risk) conformance
  • A Super Heavy Duty (SHD) variant is also available. (Max. Load Rating: >1800 kg). Contact us for more information on this option

Looking for Chain Conveyors?

Australis doesn’t just manufacture pallet roller conveyors, we also manufacture pallet chain conveyors. Click the link for our Pallet Chain Conveyors.

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Our Pallet Conveyors are regularly integrated into larger, turnkey systems. The following are just some examples of Project’s we have successfully delivered that include our pallet conveyor systems:

BOC Gases – Dissolved Acetylane Conveying System

Orica – HCB waste repacking plant

Royal Australian Mint- Circulating coin manufacturing and warehousing system

Coming soon: Drake (Owens-Illinois Glass) – Pallet handling and inspection system

The following video is at the Royal Australian Mint and includes vision of pallet conveyors for Drums and for Packaged Coins.

The following video is a general overview video of Australis Engineering’s product capabilities.


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