T150 AGV

T150 Automated Guided Vehicle

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Tkart T150 AGV

Colour Tape, Painted Line and Navigation Point tracing – the most cost-effective solution for factory, warehousing and logistics automation

The Tkart T150 AGV is an automated guided vehicle (AGV) that uses coloured tape, painted lines or navigation points (dots) to track around your facility. This represents the most cost-effective solution for factory, warehousing and logistics automation by an AGV. Its Li-ion battery permits up to 8 hours of operation. With a payload up to 150kg, the Tkart T150 is ideal in warehouse and logistics operations.

Tkart doesn’t forget safety either. It uses a dual ultrasound and laser scanner to avoid obstacles including people. This system means it will safely stop before any collision occurs.


  • Flexible route planning
  • Cost advantage
  • Stand-alone operation – Central Control System
  • Syncs with an Android based device for mobile operations
  • Multiple operating modes
  • T150 can tow carts or trolleys
  • High adaptability to workplaces  (indoor, outdoor, slope and across floors)


  • Dimensions : L 100 x W 56 x H 80 cm, L 90 x W 45 x H 80 cm
  • Max load : 150 kg
  • Max speed : 4 km/h
  • Max slope : 6 degrees
  • Obstacle avoidance : Ultrasound, Laser scanner
  • Battery : Li-ion, 8 hours operation, 1 min battery swap
  • Central control system (optional)
  • Auto docking system (optional)


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Tkart T150 Datasheet

 Click HERE or on the image to see the Tkart T150 datasheet


The following videos are courtesy of Passion Mobility.


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