TM30S Cobot

TM30S Cobot

TM30S AI Collaborative Robot

The Future Is Here – NEW S-Series collaborative robots

Native AI engine + Robotic arm + Vision system

Using cobots for Manufacturing, Warehousing and Processing tasks is the key to unlocking efficiency. Improve the overall performance of your production and assembly lines with automation solutions like our AI Cobot series, a family of collaborative robots with built-in vision systems and AI technology. Our cobots help to establish a harmonious work environment where humans and machines collaborate and excel.

Embrace the Future of Automation

Techman Robot collaborative robots are designed for a diverse range of tasks, suitable for operations of any scale. They are simple to install, program, operate, and can be easily scaled. TM’s cobots provide a cost-effective, flexible, and safe automation solution that is suitable for manufacturing and processing businesses of all sizes including small and medium businesses. Techman Robot can help you achieve smart manufacturing and process handling and be the competitive edge you need for greater productivity.

TM30S – Power Your Production in Heavy-Duty Applications

The TM30S excels in high-volume industrial tasks, boasting a 30kg load capacity and a 1702mm reach. Under a palletising scenario, the maximum payload capacity is 35kg. Its durable, lightweight design ensures optimal performance in heavy-duty settings such as push stacking, machine tool material handling, and automobile assembly. This model enhances efficiency and safety with TÜV-certified functions, and offers superior handling and manoeuvrability for faster, reliable operations.


Palletising, Pick & Place, High-Volume Packaging, Machine Tending and more


TM30S – 30kg payload and 1702mm reach

AI Cobot – Faster

  • 25% faster cycle time!
  • The joint speed of the 6th axis is increased from 225 °/s to 450 °/s
  • Reduces the cycle time of your production line by 25%* for improved efficiency

 AI Cobot – More Precise

  • Best cobot repeatability of ±0.03 mm!
  • Delivers up to a 70%* increase in repeatability accuracy of ±0.03 mm

AI Cobot – Flexible

  • Brand New Robot Control pendant
  • The enhanced Robot pendant has a 3-position Enabling Switch and RESET button for easier and safer operation. Use it alone to control the robot with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • Optional attachable TM Screen. Experience versatility in teaching, debugging, and control by combining the Robot Stick with an optional TM Screen. Seamlessly tackle on-site debugging and unlock a wide range of capabilities with this powerful combination

AI Cobot – Safer

  • Up to 31 Safety Functions Certified by TÜV
  • Complies with the latest version of ISO 10218-1, and is certified as PL d, Cat.3 according to ISO 13849-1
  • Worldwide Safety Certification for USA, Canada & Europe
  • The S series cobot has UL and CSA certification for North America and CE for Europe, ensuring safe and efficient use in different regions
  • Its flexible safety functions can replace additional safety PLC, saving on the cost and effort of safety control configuration and making safety assessments much easier.

AI Cobot – Robot Vision Infused with AI Technology

  • Traditional machine vision requires engineers to manually set up algorithms and rule settings to detect and analyse visual information. This approach can be time-consuming and may not be scalable to handle large amounts of data.
  • In contrast, AI technology utilises patterns and machine learning to learn decision rules automatically. This allows for more efficient and accurate analysis of visual data, and can ultimately lead to increased productivity and cost savings.

AI Cobot – Vision

  • Unleash the Power of Advanced Vision
  • The S series cobot is equipped with an integrated vision system featuring advanced AI technology that elevates your manufacturing operations
  • Pair it with our TM AI+ Training Server solution to unlock the full potential of the cobot’s capabilities and take your vision application to new heights

Techman Robots are fitted with a vision system that has quickly challenged the stereotype of a traditional industrial robot. This built-in intelligent vision system utilises a 5MP camera and is a huge technological breakthrough for TM Robot, producing the perfect integration of the vision system with the collaborative robot hardware and software. You no longer have to face complicated visual components like before, nor waste the time spent in researching an unfamiliar robotic field. Now, all you need is a TM Robot, which can do everything for you.

The TM Robot vision system has received recognition from many robot vision manufacturers. The functions it provides include shape matching, totem pairing, object position, image enhancement mode, bar code and QR code identification; colour recognition and OCR which are all easily configured from the integral robot design toolbox.. These diversified functions have all been integrated in the control system of the TM Flow Robot. Only by setting the steps, you can design the robot’s tasks.

AI Cobot – TMflow 2

  • More freedom to program the cobot
  • TMflow is a user-friendly software that allows you to create and edit robot tasks through a graphical interface using a series of function nodes, making it easy for first-time users to learn our flow-based programming without any robotics experience.
  • If you prefer non-graphical programming, experience a more flexible way to program by using the new Script Node and Script Project.
  • The Script feature allows experienced engineers to program with complex logic, and freely edit robot tasks by compiling codes.
  • Embrace the method that suits you best and enjoy coding with unparalleled freedom!


AI Cobot – TMcraft

  • Create Personalised Interface with TMcraft for 2nd Development
  • TMcraft is a new architecture that allows you to create your own customized UI or background program and embed it onto TMflow, our cobot programming software
  • It offers the freedom to develop third-party plug-and-play applications using C# and WPF development
  • Additionally, a wizard is available to facilitate the development of high-level applications, such as welding, palletising and sanding, making it easier to customise and create the applications you need

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