Pallet Turntables

Pallet Turntables

Pallet TurntablePallet Turntable
Pallet TurntablePallet Turntable
Pallet TurntablePallet Turntable
Pallet TurntablePallet Turntable
Pallet TurntablePallet Turntable
Pallet TurntablePallet Turntable

Pallet Turntables

Pallet turntables are used  for line diversions and transfers. Our standard pallet turntables are configured as a Roller Conveyor Turntables, however Chain Conveyor Turntables are also available as an option. Whichever type you choose, our pallet turntables are a standard design, but can be easily modified for custom installations or to integrate with existing equipment.

Pallet Turntable Specifications:

  • Complete stand alone unit design- allows greater flexibility in system configurations
  • Rotation limits– 90 degree and full 360 degree variants available
  • Guide Rails optional
  • Max. Load Rating: 1600/ 800 kg per pallet
  • Max Loading: 1 pallet per module
  • Roller Variant: 76mm Roller Diameter
  • Maximum module footprint diameter: 2100mm
  • Sensor positions adjustable for 0°, ±90°, 180° and 270° rotational limits
  • Please note there are minimum conveyor heights required for integration of these modules
  • Suitable for standard Chep/ Loscom pallets (1165 x 1165 x 150 mm)
  • Custom pallet sizes and applications are also available on request

Pallet Handling Systems

Australis Engineering provides a full range of Pallet Handling Conveyors and Specialised Modules including Pallet Stackers and Pallet Destackers to suit any of your warehousing, conveying or palletising requirements. Our pallet handling equipment is available in Medium Duty and Heavy Duty model ranges to cater for variations in the weight of loaded pallets. Australis Engineering’s range of pallet handling equipment is designed to be flexible for ease of customisation and can be easily integrated into existing pallet handling systems or adapted for different standard pallet sizes.

We can provide a whole pallet handling system inclusive of the appropriate conveyor type to suit your application.

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Drake (Owens-Illinois Glass) – Pallet handling and inspection system

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