T200 AGV

T200 Automated Guided Vehicle

Tkart T200 AGV

The AGV with Artificial Intelligence Embedded Vision Navigation

The Tkart T200 AGV is an automated guided vehicle (AGV) that uses its Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded vision system to navigate around your facility. Tkart T200 can utilise painted line/ tape tracking to navigate your facility. With a payload up to 200kg, the Tkart T200 is ideal in warehouse and logistics operations and is capable of lightweight pallet operations.

TKarts are available with an optional central control system for task and traffic management of multi-vehicle systems. Tasks can be assigned to the vehicles directly through the central control system, via a table/smart phone, or using field ‘call buttons’ to direct vehicles to stations on demand. The central control system works over Wifi to communicate with all vehicles within the system and visually shows the status of each vehicle in the system in real time.

Lifting function

Tkarts are also available with an optional lifting function which allows the vehicles to lift and transport stationary items such as a pallet or trolley. The vehicle can then deliver these items to a location, leaving the pallet/trolley for further tasks while the vehicle moves to the next station or task.


Tkart doesn’t forget safety either. It uses a dual ultrasound and laser scanner to avoid obstacles including people making it a safer alternative to forklifts or manual handling. This onboard scanning system means it will safely stop before any collision occurs.


  • Colour tape / painting tracing and point navigation
  • AI vision navigation system
  • For indoor, outdoor and across floors use
  • Tote and Pallet transport
  • Lift, Tow and Roller docking modules are available


  • Dimensions : L 86 x W 50 x H 25 cm
  • Weight : 90 kg (without battery)
  • Max load : 200 kg
  • Max speed : 4 km/h
  • Max slope : 4 degrees
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Li-ion battery. Auto charging function (optional)
  • Central control system (optional)
  • Auto docking system (optional)
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Tkart T200 Datasheet

 Click HERE or on the image to see the Tkart T200 datasheet


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