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Native AI engine + Robotic arm + Vision system

Cobots in Manufacturing is the Key to Unlocking Efficiency

Techman Robot collaborative robots will improve the overall performance of your production and assembly lines with automation solutions like our AI Cobot series, a family of collaborative robots with built-in vision systems and AI technology. Our cobots help to establish a harmonious work environment where humans and machines collaborate and excel.

AI Vision System

What sets our cobots apart from the industry-standard robotic arms is our “AI Vision” technology. Our collaborative robots increases production throughput as they can sense their environment and people they operate with. By giving cobots “eyes” to see, it creates a world of difference in how they can perform. AI Cobots can boost quality, improve flexibility, and future-proof your production.

Simple and Safe

TM-Flow has made each tool module simple to use. Operate and programme TM Robots via a tablet, computer or smartphone. This makes for painlessly start-up, quick learning and the ability to create a genuine main-machine collaborative environment.

A 150N Force Limiting cobot. TM cobots comply with the safety requirements for collaboration of humans and robots as specified in ISO 10218. When the robot collides with an object and has been detected by the sensor, it will immediately stop to protect personal safety.

7 Collaborative Robots in the range

With 7 different cobots in the product line, ranging from 4kg to 25kg payload and 700mm to 1900mm reach, Techman has a collaborative robot to suit virtually any cobot task.

Click the links below to see each individual cobot:

(“M” model cobots are teamed with a mobile robot to create a mobile collaborative robot)

Updated 2023 Technical Specifications

Techman Robot continues to innovate and develop its range of collaborative robots, with new features in its S series cobots such as Vision with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and larger payload and larger reach robots, including the TM25, a 25kg payload cobot with 1,900mm of reach.

See the 2023 technical specifications below:

Techman Robots Australia – Australis Engineering are official partners

Australis Engineering are an official Australian Techman Robot distributor and integrator partner. With a wealth of robotics, automation and materials handling expertise, Australis can design and integrate a cobot solution for your application.

Don’t require an integrated solution? Just need to buy a “cobot in a box” – contact us for pricing to purchase your preferred TM Robot collaborative robot.

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Interested in other cobots?

The world of cobots is varied and currently, no single manufacturer is able to provide a full suite of collaborative robots to suit all tasks. As a result, Australis offers cobots from a range of manufacturers including Techman Robot, Automata and ABB. We also offer end effectors and grippers from a range of leading suppliers or as custom designed and built options. Click the button to see our full range of collaborative robots.

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Techman Robot Models and Specifications

TM5 Series Cobots

Model specifications:

Download the TM5 specifications HERE

¹ Maximum power capacity is the maximum output capacity of the power supply system supplied in the control box.

² Maximum power capacity can be expanded to 2500 watts with an external 1000 watt power supply.

TM12, TM14, TM16 and TM20 Series Cobots

Download the TM12 and TM14 specifications HERE

Video overview

Watch the elegant simplicity of the Techman Collaborative Robots

General overview of Techman Robot collaborative robot capabilities


Application videos

The following are just a few examples of how a cobot can be used in your workplace.

Pick and Place of an object using the integrated vision system based on its shape

Collaborative robot solving a puzzle (pick and place)

Bin Picking application

Pick & Place (sorting) application

Prior SMT material feeding process

Welding application

Dual arm with Schunk gripper

Electric screw driving application:

Factory Production application at Shihlin Electric:

Pick & Place application:

Standing an egg on its end


Several Techman Robot brochures are available.

Australis Engineering’s TM Robot Catalogue

Includes all the specifications of the TM5, TM12 and TM14 robots plus their reach envelopes.

Techman’s Full Catalogue

Click here to view the full Techman Robot catalogue with lots of information about TMflow, mobile robots and more.


 TM5 Cobots

Download the TM5 specifications HERE


TM12 and TM14 Cobots

Download the TM12 and TM14 specifications HERE


TM5-700 cobot
TM5-900 cobot
TM12 cobot
TM14 cobot