Crate Chain Conveyors

Crate Chain Conveyors

Crate Chain Conveyors

Crate chain conveyors are designed to convey similar sized crates or totes and are commonly used in the dairy industry for conveying milk crates. Crate Chain Conveyors are ideal for long runs at low to medium speeds and are perfect for wet or wash-down environments.

Using our smart design, Australis Engineering’s crate chain conveyors are also very cost effective to operate. Our designs means customers are to achieve quite long conveyor runs (30 metres plus) with only a single motor and drive. When coupled with energy-efficient motors such as the SEW MOVIMOT’s® that we recommend, these cost savings don’t just relate to your initial investment, but your long-term operating costs through reduced energy expenses.

Crate Chain Conveyors are Easy to Maintain

Crate Chain Conveyors are very easy to maintain with low maintenance requirements compared to line shaft conveyors or motor-drive roller conveyors. The general life-expectancy of the components comprising a crate chain conveyor also have quite long lifespans. Typically, and with reasonable maintenance, the components of a crate chain conveyor will have the following working lifespans:

  • Chain 7-10 years
  • Chain wear strip 3-5 years at minimum
  • Return rollers 10-15 years
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