Slat Conveyors

Slat Conveyors

Slat ConveyorsSlat Conveyors
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Slat ConveyorsSlat Conveyors
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Slat Chain Conveyors

Slat Chain Conveyors (also called Slat Conveyors or Tab Chain Conveyors) are a core capability provided by Australis. We have a strong record in designing, manufacturing and commissioning slat conveyors for a wide range of industries and products. We have manufactured slat conveyors for foods, beverages, chemicals, gas bottles, pallets and many, many other applications. Slat Chain Conveyors are amongst the most versatile conveyor systems that we build.

Slat conveyors suit a wide variety of applications. Australis offers two types of slat chain conveyors:

  • LowPro – suitable for light to medium weight products (up to 1-3kg each) and of width up to 200mm
  • Heavy Duty – Heavy Duty Slat Chain Conveyors are available in both single and multi-chain varieties

Our cost-effective range of standard slat conveyors are listed below. However with our team of in-house engineers, we can just as easily customise a solution to meet your specific needs.

LowPro Slat Conveyors

LowPro slat conveyors are designed and manufactured by Australis Engineering in Australia! They are available with an aluminium or stainless steel body for wash-down applications or where hygiene is critical (HCAAP standard). Our LowPro slat conveyors can use generic slat chain, meaning you are not locked in to expensive proprietary brands. A LowPro slat conveyor system is suitable for conveying a wide range of products. It can be implemented anywhere — from standard product transfer applications, through to full turnkey solutions.

LowPro-Slat-Conveyor-System_lrOur LowPro standard conveyor modules are compact, simple and easily configurable to suit any light-duty system or application. They are manufactured using either aluminium profile side plates or stainless steel side plates, making them modular and easy to configure for a customised layout. All modules are ‘plug-and-play’: simply bolt them together, add a head and tail and your conveyor is ready to go — further reducing costs.

Australis offer a wide range of slat conveyor modules that can be added together to design a complete system. We also offer an extensive range of chain types and accessories. To see more information, click on our LowPro Options tab (above) to see our conveyor modules, chain types, accessories and design options.

Heavy Duty Slat Chain Conveyors

Heavy duty slat conveyors are suitable for applications such as accumulation, mass flow, clean room applications. Heavy duty tab chain conveyors can also be used where a more robust solution is required such as for heavy products or as pallet conveyors.

Options include:

  • Curves
  • Metal or Heavy Duty Plastic slat chain
  • Adjustable guide rails
  • Lay-downs
  • Fixed or adjustable legs
  • Mobile conveyors
  • Various chain types including plastic, stainless steel, anti-static and high grip varieties
  • Product sensors
  • CIP and wash down systems

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Technical Specifications

The following is a list of our Low Pro Slat Conveyor Modules and Accessories.

Curve modules

Lowpro_Slat-Conveyor_Driven-Turntable-Curve_lr   Lowpro_Slat-Conveyor_turntable_curve_lr   Lowpro_Slat-Conveyor_Tight-Radius-Curve_lr

  • Standard, Driven or Tight Radius Curves available
  • Available in 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 180° and custom angles on request
  • Allows change in direction of the product line
  • Full UHMWPE construction for robustness
  • ‘Magnet Flex’ curves for full wash down applications are also available
  • Drive module – side mount

Drive module – under body mount

Lowpro_Slat-Conveyor_Head-Module_Under_lrLowPro drive module gives your conveyor motion using an electric motor-drive unit. It is conveniently positioned underneath the conveyor body to resolve space or access limitations.Drive modules (or a transfer module) are required at the start of all LowPro conveyors.




Tail module

Lowpro_Slat-Conveyor_Tail-Module_lrTerminating module of the conveyor. A tail is required as the final module of all systems.



Side Transfer module

Low-Pro_Side_Transfer_lrFor extended run conveyors, this module transfers product from one length of conveyor to the next.





Cross Transfer module

Lowpro_Slat-Conveyor_Cross_Over_lrAn alternative to the Side Transfer Module for long run conveyors. The Cross Transfer module minimises the product transition zone for products that are difficult to handle, resulting in minimal deviation from a direct straight-line path when transitioning between conveyors.

End-to-end transfer link module

Lowpro_Slat-Conveyor_End-to-End_lrAn alternative to the Side Transfer Module for long run conveyors. An End-to-End Transfer module allows the product to move along a continuous straight line path whilst crossing to the next conveyor using a transition roller zone. Note: This module is not suitable for conveying all products.



Chain types

A range of chains can be used in the standard LowPro slat conveyor system, including plastic, tight radius, rubber-topped, stainless steel, anti-static and high grip varieties. Chains can be adapted to suit specific product or system requirements. An extended range of chains are available on enquiry.

Note: 3.25″ chain is fitted to standard systems. Other chain widths are custom options.

Options available

The LowPro system is highly adaptable to suit most FMCG product types and to solve most conveying solutions. Other options available to help configure the system to meet your requirements include:

  • 1 to 2 divert / 2 to 1 Combine Module
  • Vertical curve module
  • Incline / Decline modules
  • 90 and 180 degree turntables
  • 90 and 180 degree driven turntables
  • Adjustable and Ezy-Change guide rails
  • Fixed or adjustable legs (single, aluminium, bipod)
  • Gripper elevator
  • Alpine conveyor


Accessories include:

  • Castors and outriggers to make the conveyor mobile
  • Product sensors
  • CIP and wash down systems
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Find out more by reading the following Case Studies of our projects that feature Slat Conveyors:

Cerebos Foods – Food Conveyor System

AFS – Conveyor system for architectural wall panels.

Tru Blu Beverages – High Speed Palletiser with slat conveyor infeed

The following video demonstrates our Stainless Steel Slat Conveyor System at a food production facility:

The following video demonstrates a demo module of our LowPro Slat Conveyor system:

The following video demonstrates our LowPro Slat Conveyor System at a large PET bottle manufacturing facility:

Click here or on the brochure image to view more information on our LowPro range of Slat Conveyors


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