Mech-Mind 3D Vision Systems

Mech-Mind 3D Vision Systems

Thousands of Real World Cases

Mech-Mind robotics delivers complete and reliable solutions to real-world bin picking, order picking, depalletising, palletising, machine tending, assembly, gluing, high precision locating, high-precision measurement, defect detection and more.

Founded in 2016, Mech-Mind Robotics is a leading provider of 3D vision cameras, machine vision software and intelligent robotic solutions. On their mission to drive the ubiquity of intelligent robots, Mech-Mind has leveraged extensive technical strength to modernize manufacturing by breathing new life into industrial robots.

Mech-Mind has developed a full R&D and products portfolio including Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras, Mech-Vision graphical machine vision software, Mech-DLK deep learning software, Mech-Viz intelligent robot programming environment, etc.

Exhibited at iREX 2022 in Tokoyo and 2020 CIIF in Shanghai, Mech-Mind has also been selected as 2019 Intel AI 100 Best Innovation Incentive Program and Microsoft Scaleup Member Enterprise.

So far, Mech-Mind has closed its Series C funding and raised a total of over $200 million. Backed by global top investors — IDG Capital, Meituan, Sequoia Capital China, Source Code Capital, Intel, Qiming Venture Capital, Delian Capital, China Growth Capital, etc., Mech-Mind has been one of the most funded robotics startups.

Australis Engineering are the Australian partners for the Mech-Mind product range and solutions.

High-performance industrial 3D cameras and intelligent platform software

Mech-Mind have developed a range of 3D Camera systems and software that integrate with robotics to revolutionise the way robots can be used and deployed. Their range includes:

  • Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Cameras
  • Mech-Vision Graphical Machine Vision Software
  • Mech-Viz Intelligent Robot Programming Environment
  • Mech-DLK Deep Learning Software

For full details and specifications of the Mech-Mind 3D Camera systems and intelligent software packages, click below.

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Robotic solutions using 3D Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Mech-Mind offers a range of solutions to improve the efficiency and application of robotics in real-world situations. They have proven solutions for:

  • Palletising and Depalletising
  • Machine tending
  • Piece Picking
  • Bin Picking
  • Assembly, Locating and Gluing

For full details and specifications of the Mech-Mind Robotic Solutions, click below.

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Popular FAQs for Mech-Eye  Industrial 3D Camera

Q1: What is an industrial 3D camera?

An industrial 3D camera is a camera used in industrial applications which can capture objects and reconstruct them from a three-dimensional image. It’s been increasingly used in diverse industries, especially in manufacturing and logistics.

Q2: How does the industrial 3D camera work?

Usually, industrial 3D cameras work with robots to complete various industrial tasks like picking & placing, assembly, inspection, measurement, etc. Industrial 3D cameras can be mounted on the arm or end effector of robots to capture and collect 3D data of the target objects, which is fundamental for robots to execute further steps like pick & place, load & unload, etc.

Q3: What are the main features of Mech-Eye industrial 3D camera?

Mech-Eye 3D camera features high precision, fast processing speed, and high-cost performance.

Mech-Eye industrial 3D camera has full model options, which cover a wide range of industrial applications with diverse requirements on working distance, accuracy, ambient light resistance, etc.

Q4: What are the most used applications of Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera?

Mech-Eye 3D cameras can be used in almost all common robot applications, including bin picking, machine tending, palletizing & depalletizing, automated piece picking, assembly, etc.

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Palletising and Depalletising

Intelligent depalletising and palletising solutions are widely used in manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment applications. Backed by 3D vision, deep learning, and other AI algorithms, the robots can automatically execute palletising and depalletising while maintaining excellent stability and fast processing speed.

Core Advantages


Accuracy 1 mm @ 3 m, 3 mm @ 3 m
Distance 1500mm – 3500mm
Speed Up to 900 cartons/hour.
Objects Support closely packed cases or sacks;

Support angled cases or cartons;

Support objects with patterns, tapes, and express bills.

Robots Brands Can be adapted to various mainstream robot brands, such as ABB, KUKA, YASKAWA, Kawasaki, Rokae, Peitian, Techman Robot, Estun, etc.
Calibration Self-calibration
Service Personalised solution

Staff training

Fixture design

Camera Introduction


Mech-Eye Deep

Mech-Eye Deep

  • A deep depth of field
  • Applicable for various common pallet patterns

Mech-Eye Log S

  • Built-in ambient light resistance
  • A large field of view
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Easy integration
  • The 3D vision system allows Mech-Eye to easily recognise various objects that are with dark surfaces and complex structures.

Mech-Eye Log M

  • High precision
  • Ambient light resistance
  • Can recognize various objects with dark surfaces and complex structures

Bin Picking

Guided along by the powerful 3D vision system, the robots can recognize randomly-piled materials, even those with dark or reflective surfaces and complex structures, and then pick them up from deep bins accurately without damaging the components.

Core Advantages


Speed Single cycle time can reach 3s
Objects Support objects in different sizes and shapes (including randomly stacked tiny objects, complex-structured metal parts with dark or shiny surfaces, etc.)
Robot Brands Can be adapted to various mainstream robot brands, such as ABB, KUKA, YASKAWA, Kawasaki, Rokae, Peitian, Techman, Estun, etc.
Calibration Self-calibration
Service Personalized solution;

Staff training;

Fixture design.


Mech-Eye Pro M Enhanced

  • High scanning speed
  • High precision
  • A big field of view.
  • Support various objects (including objects with black or considerably reflective surfaces)


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