Dough Handling

Dough Handling

Customised stainless steel dough handling machinerySlide thumbnail

Dough Handling machinerySlide thumbnail
Customised stainless steel dough handling machinerySlide thumbnail

Dough Handling Equipment

Australis have successfully delivered special purpose machinery for dough handling equipment for commercial bakeries. As any baker will know, dough can be a difficult product to handle due to it’s tackiness and its tendency to stick to a surface that it is placed on. For example this can create challenges for automating the proofing process and especially where dough is not placed into a baking tin, but is proofed in a more traditional manner on open trays.

Australis has designed specialist equipment that overcomes some of these issues and allows dough to be successfully handled in a more automated, efficient process but that also helps maintain a more artisanal end-product.

All dough handling equipment can be fabricated in stainless steel and we can also supply conveyors, pallet handling, cartoning and wrapping equipment that are food-grade or contain food-grade components to ensure compliance with food safety and hygiene regulations.

Integration of Bespoke and Standard Equipment

In addition to bespoke, fully-customised equipment solutions, by engaging Australis we can also provide integrated solutions through inclusion of other critical equipment such as conveyors, cartoning equipment, robotics, pallet handling and palletising systems.

With a strong track record in the engineering design, R&D, proto-typing, manufacture and commissioning of special purpose equipment, Australis welcomes the opportunity to discuss how we can improve your manufacturing throughput and reduce your input costs by implementing a customised dough handling solution.

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