Single File Conveyors

Single File Conveyors

Single Filer Conveyor SinguliserSingle Filer Conveyor Singuliser
Single Filer ConveyorSingle Filer Conveyor
Single Filer ConveyorSingle Filer Conveyor
Single Filer Conveyor SinguliserSingle Filer Conveyor Singuliser
Single Filer Conveyor SinguliserSingle Filer Conveyor Singuliser

Single Filer Conveyors

Single file conveyors (also called Singliser Conveyors) are designed to take a product that is in mass flow or accumulation and returning that product to a single file so it can progress further down the production line to an air conveyor, filler, labeller or similar equipment. Single filers are commonly associated with a depalletiser or an accumulation conveyor or accumulation table. Single filers are frequently used in beverage production but may also be utilised for other products.

Singliser Conveyors – Trust an Expert

Commonly manufactured using slat chain, single filers require careful design and manufacture to ensure they can be successfully commissioned on your production line. A single filer is a specialist conveyor system and needs expert design, manufacture and installation capabilities in order to achieve a reliable outcome. Australis Engineering has successfully delivered numerous single file conveyors for blue-chip manufacturers across a range of manufacturing facilities and including for round, square and oddly shaped PET and glass bottles. Single file conveyors can be effectively integrated with existing equipment such as a depalletiser, accumulation table or other conveyors and should utilise automated line control to achieve the best results.

When using PET bottles, it takes a considered approach to allow for environmental factors such as humidity and the production of static electricity which may significantly impact on performance. Australis have a strong record in successfully delivering single filers in high-volume beverage plants across Australia – so you can trust us to get it right from the beginning.

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The following video shows a single filer conveyor for glass bottles. A very similar conveyor is suitable for PET bottles or cans.

The following video highlights a range of conveyors manufactured by Australis Engineering – including several belt conveyors


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