Lane Diverters

Lane Diverters

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Lane Diverter Conveyor - ContinuousSlide thumbnail
Lane Diverter Conveyor - ContinuousSlide thumbnail

Lane Diverting Conveyor

Lane diverters (also called lane diverting conveyors) are an active method of transferring products from a single in-feed point to multiple out-feed points. Lane Diverters can be both low speed or high speed and can include a divert for product sampling purposes, a product reject after a check weigher, or for marshalling into a packing or palletising cell.

Various options are available and are generally tailored specifically to suit your own application.

Continuous Diverter

Our Continuous Diverter diverts 1 line of product into 2 lines or 1 line into 3 lines. The action can also be provided in reverse to combine products into a single file. The Continuous Diverter can be used for laning or rejecting on a continuous basis.

High Speed Lane Diverter / Channeliser

Our proprietary High Speed Lane Diverter can divert from 1 lane into 6 lanes and achieve speeds up to 240 cartons per minute depending on product size and weight. It is fully automated and servo driven. The High Speed Lane Diverter is ideal in production environments where a high volume of products is being produced.

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