Multi Axis Bucket Elevator

Multi Axis Bucket Elevator

Multi Axis Bucket Elevator - ELECONSlide thumbnail
Multi Axis Bucket Elevator - ELECONSlide thumbnail
Multi Axis Bucket Elevator - ELECONSlide thumbnail
Multi Axis Bucket Elevator - ELECONSlide thumbnail

Multi Axis Bucket Elevator

Australis Engineering are the exclusive Australian agents for US company, Gough-Econ. Gough-Econ are the inventors and manufacturer of the innovative and patented “Elecon” Multi Axis Bucket Elevator.

The Elecon is the world’s only conveyor that can move materials in all three directions

Besides the typical vertical and horizontal movement, the Elecon’s buckets actually turn corners! No other conveying system in the world is as flexible as the multi axis bucket elevator. This three-axis capability is a result of its patented chain design and wedge-shaped buckets. Because it’s so flexible, the Multi Axis Bucket Elevator can handle virtually any circuit design you can imagine including multiple infeed and discharge points.

Using a patented bi-axial chain, the Multi Axis Bucket Elevator is the world’s only conveyor that can move materials in all three directions.

What are the benefits of the Elecon?

  • The Elecon operates in 3-planes and can actually turn corners and go around obstacles, meaning virtually any configuration can be designed to fit your needs and your building and its services – including designing the system to route around existing building infrastructure and services (walls, columns, pipe work, platforms etc)
  • Fit a conveyor into your existing facility rather than change you facility to fit a conveyor system
  • Short of floorspace? The Multi Axis Bucket Elevator can be easily and safely raised off the floor allowing you to maximise floorspace for other production purposes. Watch the video below to see how this can be achieved.
  • The patented rack and pinion system results in 360 degree discharge of your product each and every time.
  • Very reliable with minimal maintenance and low energy consumption means the Elecon is also environmentally friendly
  • The Multi Axis Bucket Elevator’s flexibility is enhanced by its multiple discharge capability virtually anywhere in the circuit. The patented rack & pinion system for 360 degree bucket rotation assures buckets fully discharge their contents and return in the upright position. In most applications, this discharge is very ‘gentle’ meaning your product should experience minimal damage.

The Elecon Multi-Axis Distribution System is completely modular

  • Additional discharge points can be easily added
  • The layout can be altered by adding or subtracting modules as necessary
  • Very reliable and used widely in many other industries – similar examples have been in operation for over 15 years with only routine maintenance performed
  • Stainless Steel tubular track with patented bi-axial chain. This bi-axial chain is very low friction and is a major contributor to the low energy consumption of the Elecon.
  • The system can be designed to be fully open or fully enclosed with clear polycarbonate panels or sheet metal to provide added safety and product security
  • Bucket capacities range from 3.5L to 8L
  • The Elecon bucket conveyor provides customers an alternative for materials handling that allows you to fit a conveyor into your production facility rather than change the facility to fit in a materials handling system.
  • Three different bucket configurations are available, depending on various throughput requirements and type of product. Buckets are constructed of polypropylene.
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Read about our Award Winning, Coin Manufacturing and Warehousing System at the Royal Australian Mint, including the implementation of the first Multi-Axis Bucket Elevator in Australia.

The following video is by the inventors and manufacturers of the Elecon, Multi-Axis Bucket Elevator.


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