Continuous Carton Elevators

Continuous Carton Elevators

Continuous Carton ElevatorContinuous Carton Elevator
Continuous Carton ElevatorContinuous Carton Elevator
Continuous Carton ElevatorContinuous Carton Elevator

Continuous Carton Elevator or Lowerator

Reclaim your valuable floor space by utilising an overhead conveyor system coupled with our Continuous Carton Elevators or Lowerator!

Our proprietary designed Continuous Carton Elevators and Lowerators are ideal for moving boxed products continuously up or down an elevation. Our Continuous Carton Elevators and Lowerators have been used to convey boxed products from the production floor to an elevated conveyor system (which saves production floor space) and then through to a palletising area. Our Continuous Carton Elevator and Lowerator has also been used to span a large doorway that split the production line from the cartoning line – taking packaged product from the production line to the cartoning line without block the doorway.

Utilising our modular t-slot aluminium profile design, our carton elevators can be scaled to suit heights up to 12m and can suit a variety of box or carton sizes and weights. While our standard Continuous Carton Elevator is designed in t-slot aluminium profile, we also have the option to fabricate the units from steel (although total achieveable height may be reduced).

For added occupational health and safety, our elevators are fully enclosed in polycarbonate panels to protect your staff and machinery from the chance of any fallen product and feature a unique modular belt carrying platform.

The Continuous Carton Elevator can be easily matched to an existing conveyor system or we can design and provide a tailored in-feed and out-feed conveyor system to suit your product, floor space and budget.

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