From Humble Beginnings…

Australis Engineering opened its doors for the first time in 1983. From humble beginnings we have steadily grown from a small fabrication operation, into a business that is a trusted provider of Conveyors, Customised Equipment, Automation, and Robotic Solutions.

Australis Engineering - conveyor manufacturer palletiser manufacturer

At the Cutting Edge

As we have grown, we have attracted customers who have always recognised our engineering expertise and our ability to innovate. Today, Australis stand at the cutting edge of intelligent materials handling and automation, while still maintaining our roots by continuing to deliver smart conveyor solutions. Being at the cutting edge meant that our old logo and branding simply didn’t match with the innovative, contemporary business that we have become.

A New Brand for a New Era

To truly reflect the business we have become, we have evolved our brand and created a new logo and positioning that articulates our spirit and culture:

Smart Thinking in Motion

‘Smart Thinking’ is nothing new to Australis. Innovative, smart thinking has been the driving force in every project and every Australis business endeavour. Our new brand better represents who we are to the outside world, communicating our core philosophy and our focus on engineering excellence.

Smart thinking in motion is our guiding ethic and is all about simplifying complex problems. Finding innovative engineering solutions that solve inherently difficult materials handling challenges. We excel at designing and manufacturing innovative, fully tailored materials handling equipment. We have a strong engineering design focus and apply mechanical and automation expertise to develop the broad spectrum of equipment required in modern manufacturing and warehousing environments.

Australis’ collective knowledge across a range of industries results in smart thinking and innovation and is delivered by our in-house engineering and trade experts. This means our customers have direct access to the designers and technicians who are delivering your solution – nothing is lost in translation and you do not have to outsource capabilities to multiple providers.

Our customers choose Australis for our expertise in conveying, automation, materials handling and robotics solutions. Smart thinking drives this expertise to deliver innovative engineering designs that solve specific client challenges such as deploying new products, improving productivity, improving safety, increasing efficiency or reducing production costs.

Thank You

Behind the success of every brand are the customers and partners who helped make it a reality. Thank you for putting your trust in Australis. We look forward to continuing the journey together.