Robotic Palletising is an efficient way to increase palletising production, reduce OHS issues and improve productivity. Robotic palletisers are fantastic solutions for many product types including cartons and bags. Check out the new video of our fully customised Robotic Palletiser for cement bags.  Click on the heading to read more.

Robotic Palletiser

Robots are a great method of palletising cartons, bags or shrunk wrapped products. Robots are efficient and highly adaptable and can palletise products at a range of speeds, products of different sizes and weights. Robotic palletisers are especially useful at palletising products that have a great deal of homogeneity and where the number of pallet patterns that are required are relatively small and simple.

Bag Palletiser

Despite the ease at which a robot can palletise your product, there are sometimes a few more challenges when it comes to palletising bags. In particular, a key question for any bag palletiser is what type of gripper head is most appropriate? There are a number of factors that help determine which is the best gripper head for your bagged product, including:

  • What are the physical characteristics of the product in the bag? Are they solid and “lock” together easily or does the product behave like a fluid?
  • Are the bags always full or partially full depending on which product is contained within?
  • What type of material is the bag made from?
  • Is the bag porous?
  • Is there a range of different products that need to be palletised?
  • What is the weight of all the products being palletised?
  • Do you require differing pallet patterns according to each product type?

These are just some of the key questions we will ask our clients when considering a Bag Palletiser for their product. Of course we also consider ambient conditions, throughput speeds, loadings, available space, height restrictions (if any) and your budget. We also consider whether the client requires additional equipment to support the palletiser, including:

  • Integrated product in-feed conveyors
  • Empty pallet in-feed conveyors
  • Full pallet out-feed conveyors
  • Pallet wrapping
  • Use of slip sheets or top sheets
  • Requirements for empty pallet placement
  • Pallet stacking
  • Simplicity or Complexity of control system

New Robotic Bag Palletiser Video

Want to see how a Robotic Bag Palletiser might work in practice? Check out our new video of a Bag Palletiser for a client that manufactures bags of cement.  This palletising system includes a short in-feed conveyor with integrated check-weigher, a full pallet out-feed conveyor, a small manual pallet stack, a fully customised bag gripper with integrated empty pallet lifter plus of course a full machine safety system.

Easily Customised

For further information about our Robotic Carton Palletisers or Bag Palletiser head over to our Robotic Palletiser page?