The Future is Here: Native AI engine + Robotic arm + Vision system

Techman Robot has announced the introduction of its TM AI Cobot series. AI Cobot is a collaborative robot that combines a robot arm with native AI inferencing engine and smart vision system in a complete package, ready for deployment.

According to Techman Robot, the TM AI Cobot works on the principle of being smart, simple and safe. By combining visual processing in the robot arm, the AI Cobot can perform fast and precise pick-and-place, AMR, palletising, welding, semiconductor and product manufacturing, AOI inspections and food service preparation, and other applications that can be accelerated by AI-Vision.

The AI software suite includes TM AI+ Training Server, TM AI+ AOI Edge, TM Image Manager, and TM 3DVisionTM, allowing companies to train and tailor their system to precisely meet their application.

“Techman Robot has redefined the future of industry robotics with the introduction of its AI Cobot series that are equipped with a native AI engine, powerful and precise robotic arm and vision system that represents a perfect combination of ‘brain, hands and eyes’. With our all-in-one integrated system and supporting software suite, we lead the industry with ease of integration, accelerating productivity while reinforcing quality, and opening new opportunities,” said Techman Robot President Shi-chi Ho.

Larger Payload Cobots

In addition to the new AI inferencing engine upgrades, Techman Robot has also launched two new, higher payload collaborative robots – the TM16 and the TM20.

TM16 cobot

The TM16 is built for higher payloads, suitable for applications such as machine tending, material handling, and packaging. This powerhouse cobot allows for heavier lifting and it is especially useful for boosting productivity.

With a reach of 900mm and with excellent position repeatability and a superior vision system from Techman Robot, our cobot can perform tasks with great accuracy.

TM16 is commonly used for pick & place, machining, and logistics industries.

TM20 cobot

The TM20 has a higher payload capability in our AI robot series. The increased payload of up to 20kg, enables the further scaling of robotic automation and throughput increases for more demanding, heavier-duty applications with ease.

With a 1300mm reach, the TM20 is suitable for a wide range of applications in almost all industries. It is specifically designed for massive pick-and-place tasks, heavy machine tending, and high-volume packaging and palletising.

The TM20 easily permits palletising on a standard Australian 1165x1165mm pallet without the need for some of the complex and convoluted mechanical solutions that have been attempted in the past to try and permit palletising on larger Australian pallets.

Australis – the Master Australian Distributor for Techman Robot

Australis Engineering have been an official Techman Robot distributor since 2018. However in late 2021, Techman Robot approached Australis to consider becoming the exclusive Master Distributor of the Techman Robot technologies in Australia.

“After seeing the success of the Techman Robots in Australia and overseas, the decision to become the Master Distributor here in Australia was an easy one,” said Australis Engineering’s Engineering Director, Anthony Gustafson. “Collaborative robots in general are gaining more and more traction each year in the marketplace as new opportunities to deploy the technologies are realised,” said Gustafson. “Techman Robot have also continued to innovate with their technology, not satisfied with being the Number 2 cobot manufacturer in the world, their R&D and product development pipeline means they are constantly aiming to improve the TM series cobots and their operating ecosystem. Being the Master Distributor is a natural progression for Australis and fits well with our business model to offer smart thinking to our customers” said Gustafson. “The fact that the TM Series has a fully integrated vision system – integrated with both the hardware and software and further enhanced by the AI engine means there are even more applications where deploying a cobot becomes advantageous.”

Australis Engineering recently demonstrated several TM Series cobots at trade shows in Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

One of the main interests was for Cobot Palletising and so with the recent launch of the TM20 with a 20kg payload and 1300mm reach, this now becomes a much more realistic option for businesses that use an Australian standard pallet of 1165mmx1165mm

Other interesting applications demonstrated at these trade shows included:

  • bin picking with an enhanced 3D vision systems by Mech-Mind
  • palletising
  • depalletising
  • Mixed carton size palletising and depalletising with an enhanced 3D vision systems by Mech-Mind
  • pick & place for delicate product using an OnRobot soft gripper.

For assistance to deploy a Techman Robot collaborative robot, please contact Australis Engineering