RRM6500 Fully Automatic Ring Wrapper

Fully Automatic Rotary Ring Pallet Wrapper

Ear-Flap Model RRM4500 Pallet WrapperEar-Flap Model RRM4500 Pallet Wrapper
Model RRM4500 Pallet WrapperModel RRM4500 Pallet Wrapper

RRM6500 Vertical Rotary Ring Stretch Wrapper

The Model RRM6500 is a fully automatic ring wrapper from Spanish manufacturer Ear-Flap that will vertically wrap up to 2.2m in standard guise. The RRM6500 fully automatic ring wrapper comes standard with a pallet roller turntable and PLC control via an LCD touch-screen panel. It is capable of outputs of up to 90 pallets per hour.

Technical features

Capable of wrapping up to 90 pallet loads per hour

  • Variable output depending on the load features (± 90 loads/hour, including infeed/outfeed conveyor time). This capability will be substantially reduced if the top cover is used
  • Turning ring with soft start, indexed stop and variable speed
  • 3ALL set (features clamping, cutting and dolly heat sealing)
  • Powered film holder carriage
  • Powered film pre-stretch carriage, with electronic tension regulation
  • Load height detection by photocell (Option: detection by ultrasound)
  • Pallet lift table (option)
  • Optical and acoustic warning for anomalies and malfunctioning
  • PLC controlled
  • Control panel with LCD touch screen displaying user friendly graphics for easy operation
  • Safety fence of 1800 mm high with door access and anti-intruder photocells (muting included) for input and output
  • Central, motorised roller conveyor included
  • Electric power: 400 V III + N + TT 50 Hz
  • Installed power: 4 Kw
  • Standard pallet features (others on demand)
  • Type of wrapping: Vertical
  • Maximum height: Up to 2200 mm including conveyor and pallet (ask us about other heights)
  • Maximum dimensions pallet and load: 1200 x 1100 mm (ask us about other dimensions). 1200 is the infeed direction
  • Maximum weight: Subject to the customer’s requirements. Ask us for more information.

Options and accessories

  • Top sheet dispenser TDM 4500
  • Pantograph top platen
  • Powered “M” pre-stretch (std.)
  • Rollers conveyor (std.)
  • Chain conveyor
  • Pallet lift table
  • Special heights
  • Special platforms
  • Special environments (Stainless steel; ATEX – explosive environments; freezer environments below 0ºC)
  • Higher production (pallets/hour)
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