Swifti Cobot

Swifti Cobot

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ABB Swifti Collaborative Robot

Industrial speeds, collaborative skills

SWIFTI merges class-leading speed and performance with extremely safe collaboration. Don’t compromise, get the best of both worlds.

Incredibly fast, safe and easy

SWIFTI offers incredible speed, accuracy, and robust design for payloads up to 4kg. Designed to support intermittent collaboration between human and cobot, SWIFTI senses human activity in its vicinity with an external safety sensor. It is also easy to program using lead-through and Wizard easy programming.

A true speed leader

Capable of operating at over 5m/s, SWIFTI is up to five times faster than other cobots in its class. Combined with best-in-class accuracy and integrated vacuum capability, SWIFTI can boost productivity, improve flexibility, and future-proof your production.

Proven safety. Proven benefits.

SWIFTI’s safety abilities are founded on proven technologies. ABB’s SafeMove works with a certified safety sensor to provide effective protection, with benefits including an interaction light that shows SWIFTI’s status, giving you safe collaboration without physical fencing.

Simplicity baked in

Never used a cobot before? No problem. No programming language knowledge? Not an issue. Lead-through programming, plus our graphical Wizard programming and SafeMove configurator apps reduces the complexity. Even less experienced users will find it easy.

GoFa in action

GoFa is ideal for many applications including:

  • Machine Tending
  • Kitting
  • Polishing
  • Assembly

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Swifti CRB1100 Data Sheet

Click HERE to download the Swifti CRB1100 data sheet.


The following videos are courtesy of ABB:

Swifti – A lightening fast cobot

Swifti  – Increasing flexibility for machine tending

Swifti – boosting productivity for collaborative kitting

Swifti – facilitating collaboration in assembly packaging

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