In response to the COVID-19 risk, Australis Engineering has enacted social isolation measures to reduce the risk of infection to our staff, customers and suppliers but allow us to continue to operate. This includes some staff working from home as appropriate to their role. We are aiming for business as usual (as best as possible) but some enquiry and quote response times may increase as a result of these measures.


In response to the COVID-19 risk, Australis Engineering has immediately enacted a COVID-19 response plan. We are trying to minimise disruptions to our customers as much as possible and we are aiming for “business as usual” in accordance with the prevailing circumstances. Our action plan includes:

  • Rostering appropriate staff to work from home to increase social isolation measures but maintain capacity (our Management, Sales and Engineering teams only)
  • Staggering meal breaks for our Trades team to increase social isolation measures and encouraging 1.5m work distances as best as possible
  • Improving hygiene to clean common surfaces and provide improved hand sanitation for staff and visitors
  • Creating enhanced video conferencing facilities utilising the ZOOM app
  • Reducing non-essential visits or appointments by external people to our premises, this includes customer, supplier and adviser visits
  • Implementing non or minimal contact dispatch and delivery protocols
  • Postponing non-essential interstate travel and all international travel
  • Reducing non-essential visits to client and supplier sites and substituting these with video conferencing where appropriate. We are aiming to make staff available for urgent call-outs or face to face meetings but we advise that some negotiation of availability may be required to meet demand and rostering arrangements
  • Quarantine and self isolation measures for staff who may become exposed to COVID-19
  • Supporting staff with additional sick leave provisions to accommodate the need for prolonged quarantine or self isolation

Further steps may be necessary as the COVID-19 crisis evolves. We are monitoring and following all official NSW and Commonwealth Government advice with regard to coronavirus risks and containment measures and will follow all guidance as it becomes known.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to EMAIL or call us on +61 2 9707 5888.

Please read the additional advice below regarding our Supply Chain.

Our Supply Chain

In general, our Suppliers have advised that there are minimal, if any, delays in the provision of key materials and components and so we largely expect business as usual under current circumstances, with perhaps very minor delays at worst.

However all Suppliers have advised that some staffing changes will apply as they enact work-from-home arrangements and other social isolation responses to the virus. These may result in some delays in providing pricing, quotes or other advice and we apologise for this inconvenience and will endeavour to minimise disruptions where possible.

Circumstances may change rapidly and so if you have any concerns about impacts to your project, please contact your nominated Australis Project Manager/ Engineer in the first instance for more detailed information.

Italy and Spain disruptions

Despite the above, we do have some key suppliers in Italy and Spain. These suppliers are reporting the possibility of some delays in dispatching critical components due to local travel/ transport restrictions and/or air freight demand constraints. Again, largely these disruptions are relatively short under current circumstances, but we will keep customers advised as information comes to light. Please contact your nominated Australis Project Manager/ Engineer in the first instance for more detailed information.