OnRobot VG10

VG10 Gripper


  • Out-of-the-box deployment—plug into the robot arm and configure the gripper to fit the product—provides fast productivity and ROI.
  • No external air supply required reduces maintenance costs and speeds deployment
  • Dual gripping functionality enables shorter cycle time

Why VG10 Electric Vacuum Gripper?

Since the VG10 doesn’t require a compressor or air supply, it’s compact and easy to move around, bringing flexibility to your production line and saving maintenance cost. It has flexible arms and adjustable vacuum enabling the VG10 to handle a variety of objects in many different sizes. It’s a dual gripper – you can control the right and left sides of the vacuum gripper independently of one another, further increasing efficiency on your production line.
Seamless integration with the robot of your choice. The gripper comes with dual grip functionality, tool changer and a variety of typical vacuum cups. Additionally, there are many third party vacuum cups available on the market to fit every application.

The VG10 vacuum gripper’s advantages and features

The VG10 vacuum gripper is an end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) specifically designed for collaborative robot applications. The VG10’s adjustable vacuum and gripping arms make it ideal for operations involving work pieces of many different sizes and shapes.
The VG10 is a dual suction gripper, meaning you can activate the right and left sides of the vacuum gripper to perform different tasks independent of each other. Doing so speeds up cycle time in addition to optimizing the overall efficiency of your production line

  • CONFIGURABLE SUCTION CUPS – Suction cups can be easily changed, fitting to your application needs.
  • BUILT-IN ELECTRIC VACUUM – No external air supply needed, saving maintenance cost
  • PAYLOAD 15 KG (35 LB) – Can lift up objects up to 15 kg
  • INTEGRATED SOFTWARE – The gripper comes with pre-integrated software that is easy to install and program, so even employees with no technical background can set it up.
  • INDEPENDENT AIR CHANNELS FOR DUAL GRIPPING – Control the right and left sides of the vacuum gripper independently of one another, further increasing efficiency on your production line.
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VG10 Gripper Datasheet

Click HERE or on the image to see the VG10 Gripper datasheet.


The following videos are courtesy of OnRobot:

VG10 Gripper

Trade show demonstration of multiple robot applications and gripper types

How to Grow your Business with Collaborative Applications

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