OnRobot MG10 Magnetic Gripper

MG10 Magnetic Gripper

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  • Electric magnetic gripper offers fast out-of-the-box deployment without the complexity and costs of external air supply
  • Built-in intelligence with easily adjustable force and part detection ensures reliable handling of a wide range of part sizes and weights
  • Fast, compact and customizable gripper to fit all your application needs
  • Ensure safe and reliable operation by maintaining grip even after power loss or emergency stop

Why MG10 gripper?

OnRobot’s MG10 is a versatile, easy to use magnetic gripper for material handling, assembly and machine tending applications in manufacturing, automotive and aerospace environments. Fully compatible with all major robot brands through OnRobot’s One System Solution, the MG10 offers unique adjustable force and grip detection features that provide users with unprecedented levels of control.

The MG10’s advantages and features

With easily configurable magnetic force, the OnRobot MG10 gripper offers adjustable force to ideally match challenging application requirements such as de-stacking metal sheets one at a time. A built-in proximity sensor detects if a part has been picked up or not, and multi-magnet setups support applications that require reliable handling of large or heavy work pieces. And for safe, collaborative operation, the gripper maintains its hold on work pieces even in the case of power loss or emergency stop.

The affordable MG10 requires no external air supply or cables, for fast, easy installation and no additional costs. Like the rest of OnRobot’s family of no-fuss, all-electric grippers, the MG10 uses the Quick Changer and OnRobot’s intuitive programming for fast easy setup.

MG10 is ideal for unusually shaped parts as well as large flat metal sheets. Unlike vacuum grippers, the OnRobot magnetic gripper leaves no marks and can handle perforated, abrasive, or dusty work pieces. In press-tending and bending applications, the MG10 can manage a part throughout the entire process, even as the part changes shape.

  • RELIABLE GRIPPING WITH VARIABLE FORCE. The magnetic force can be easily configured in steps to fit your application requirements, even the most challenging like de-stacking thin metal sheets.
  • SAFE CONSISTENT GRIP EVEN AFTER POWER LOSS. If the power is lost, the MG10 gripper will keep the magnetic force and will not drop the workpiece.
  • BUILT-IN PART DETECTION. Built-in proximity sensor can detect part presence, as well as if part is picked up or not.
  • NO COMPRESSED AIR REQUIRED. Electric magnetic gripper that is ready to use our of the box, with fast and easy installation and no additional costs.


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MG10 Datasheet

Click HERE or on the image to see the MG10 Gripper datasheet


The following videos are courtesy of OnRobot:

MG10 Gripper

Trade show demonstration of multiple robot applications and gripper types

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