BPP800 3-in-1 Auto Case Erector, Sealer, Filler

BPP800 3-in-1 Auto Case Erector, Sealer and Filler

Carton Sealers BPP800 3 in 1 machineCarton Sealers BPP800 3 in 1 machine

3-in-1 Carton Former, Taper and Filler

The Model BPP800 3-in-1 Auto Case Erector, Sealer and Filler is an innovative machine that combines the functions of a case erector, carton sealer and carton filler all into a single machine. The BPP800 3-in-1 Auto Case Erector, Sealer and Filler has been developed by the innovative Spanish packaging equipment manufacturer Ear-Flap. It is capable of handling cartons up to 530 mm length, 310 mm width and 500 mm height. It utilises adhesive tape to seal the carton. It comes standard with a PLC and LCD colour touchscreen control panel. It can achieve outputs of up to 10 cartons per minute.

Standard technical features

The following are some of the key technical features of the BPP800 3-in-1 Auto Case Erector, Sealer and Filler:

  • Electric power: 400V II+N 50Hz
  • Installed power: 4 Kw
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Bottom flaps sealing: adhesive tape (48 to 72 mm)
  • Size adjustment: manual
  • Output (depending on carton dimensions): up to 10 cartons/min
  • Controlled by PLC
  • Control panel with LCD colour touch screen
  • Filling with servomotors of 2, 3 or 4 shafts (according to the product)
  • Multifunction gripper (according product)
  • In-feed motorised band
  • Other features may be available on request

Carton dimensions

  • Length: 300 – 530 mm
  • Width: 165 – 310 mm
  • Height: 150 – 500 mm
  • It is not possible to combine all the maximum dimensions
  • Other dimensions on request


  • Stainless steel version
  • Bottom flaps sealing with hot-melt
  • Flaps opener for automatic filling
  • Automatic size adjustment
  • Automatic input grouper
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