Australis have been appointed Australian partners to UniRing from Taiwan. UniRing MAX is a mobile cleaning robot that is ideal for autonomously cleaning large areas of hard flooring. Uniring have been leaders in mobile robotic cleaning solutions since 2011. Click Heading to read more.

Australis builds its robotics capability

The MAX cleaning robot partnership adds to the existing robotics portfolio offered by Australis, which includes more traditional industrial multi-axis and delta style robots and the multiple brands of collaborative robots and associated grippers that we offer. These robots are used for a wide range of purposes and Australis are well positioned to assist end-users and other integrators to pick the right robot for the right job. In addition to the MAX cleaning robot, Australis are also in the process of finalising a partnership for mobile robots and AGV’s and hope to announce this to the market in coming weeks.

UniRing MAX

UniRing’s MAX is a Floor Scrubber Cleaning Robot. MAX is the smartest commercial cleaning floor robot on the market. Once a cleaning schedule is programmed, MAX can run AUTOMATICALLY! MAX makes cleaning more efficient.

MAX is capable of Vacuuming, Scrubbing and Squeegeeing your floors. It is ideal for large areas of hard flooring, including Hospitals, Universities and Schools, Airports, Convention Centres, Shopping Centres, Entertainment Venues, Sports Arenas, Theatres, Museums and more.

Suitable for use with cleaning products that are approved to clean COVID-19/ corona virus

MAX’s In-House Core Tech system is designed to avoid barriers and undertake route planning. MAX can operate in complex, real-world environments, with SAFETY as its top priority. MAX uses an intelligent navigation system with 5 different sensor types to reliably determine its environment and assess a safe working route to complete its cleaning tasks.

MAX is easy to operate. It can:

  • Define Cleaning Area – the User can define the cleaning area by a simple click and circle on a site map
  • Define Job Site – the User can define different functions for a job site such as a charging station, water exchange station etc
  • Cleaning Task – the User can as sign a cleaning task which is defined by a cleaning area

For more information and to see MAX’s Technical Specifications, please see our MAX product page.

MAX in Sydney for 6 months – request a demo of UniRing MAX

Australis has a MAX Cleaning Robot on loan from UniRing for the next 6 months. If you would like a demo of MAX, please contact us on EMAIL or call us on +61 2 9707 5862 to arrange a demonstration.