Australis have been appointed Australian mobile robot partners for Passion Mobility, Taiwan. Passion Mobility develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and  AGV’s to meet the ever-changing needs of automation and materials handling. Click Heading to read more.

Australis adds Mobile Robot and AGV capabilities

The Passion Mobility mobile robot partnership adds to the existing robotics portfolio offered by Australis, which includes more traditional industrial multi-axis and delta style robots, the multiple brands of collaborative robots and associated grippers and the industrial floor cleaning robots that we already offer. Passion Mobility’s mobile autonomous robots (AMRs) and AGVs are used for a wide range of purposes and Australis are well positioned to assist end-users and other integrator’s to pick the right robot to suit your application and budget.

Passion Mobility Mobile Robots and AGVs

Based in Taiwan, Passion Mobility develops autonomous mobile robot technologies and designs electric-powered products to meet the ever-changing needs of automation and materials handling. They are committed to excellence in providing innovative designs and products for autonomous solutions. Passion Mobility believe that continuing innovation and strong customer support is the key to the long term viability of the company.

Passion Mobility has a range of autonomous mobile robots, AGVs and order picking carts that suit a number of different applications. Their mobile robots are broadly grouped into two categories, autonomous AGV robots that are programmed to perform set-tasks and mobile collaborative robots that are programmed to safely follow a person to work with them to assist in their task.

  • Ukart series:  U150 and U200 models – these models track to front or back of a user and are ideal for applications such as order picking
  • Tkart AGV series:  T150, T200 and T500 models – these AGVs follow a pre-programmed path, have automated obstacle avoidance and can carry loads from 150kg to 500kg. Larger models are ideal for pallet transport
  • Akart series: The Akart ASRS is an automated bin-carrying robot that can carry up to 5 bins for order picking and warehousing and can carry up to 250kg

Smart Vision Controls make Ukart even smarter!

Passion Mobility are continuing their innovation with a smart vision control system for the Ukart series. This system utilises the operators hand signals to control the mobile robot and provides greater operational efficiency for tasks such as order picking.

How does it work?

  1. Using gestures (movements of hands) to activate follow mode
  2. Using gestures (movements of hands) to pause and reactivate follow mode during picking
  3. Using gestures (movements of hands) to exit follow mode


  • Advanced “Hands free” to release the hands of operators for the order picking. No need to carry handset anymore
  • Reduce environment signal interference issues
  • Improve overall efficiency and speed


– Inventory picking
– Intra-facility logistics
– Inter-process transportation for factory


The following videos are courtesy of Passion Mobility:

Tkart T200 – an introduction

Ukart U200 – follows its users or runs in autonomous mode

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See more information on the range of Passion Mobility AGV’s here: Learn More

Alternatively, contact us for further information regarding pricing and availability of a Passion Mobility autonomous mobile robot or AGV.